The Warrior Within

A young boy destined to be the saviour of this new world. His adventure begins, and along the way, finds what it takes to be a hero, but first, he must realise, that to be a true hero, you need to know, the warrior within.


5. The Calling

The four of them were walking along, talking and laughing with each other. Then Srold spotted something odd in the horizon; there was smoke coming from the direction of his home. He thought about it for a while, Yawsa never has a fire at this time of day, Lija never leaves any heat sources in his blacksmith out to burn anything. Then slowly it dawned on him. He started to sweat, he tried to wipe away the thought. ‘Stay strong, it’s not what you think,’ he went over and over in his head.  His fears and doubts were settled when they entered there village. The beasts had attacked. The Moir had been waiting for them to leave so they could feed on flesh, but who? There was only one person in the village? Srold fell to his knees as he realised who’s flesh had been eaten; Yawsa’s. Secondly, after it dawned on Srold, it dawned on Lery as well. Lija turned away as he too figured it out. But Jedediah didn’t give in to crying so easily. He went into Yawsa’s house, or at least what was left of it. The door had been ripped apart, the door frame was knocked out of place, and the roof had almost entirely caved in. All the walls were barely intact; there was a hole here and there and everywhere.

As Jedediah searched the rubble for Yawsa’s corpse, he dreaded the worst. Pictures kept coming to his head about Yawsa's fate. After moving about a little more he saw a terrifying sight; Yawsa’s arm. It had gashes all over and had maggots crawling all over and through it. Her beautifully textured skin had become a terrifying sight, one would have to have a strong stomach to look at. Jedediah could feel his eyes well up with tears. He kept searching the rubble. All while Lija, Srold and Lery looked up to watch him search.

Jedediah could feel himself begin to tremble at the next sight; Yawsa’s leg. There was no flesh left on her leg. There were chunks of muscle taken out of her leg almost everywhere. It had been completely drained of blood and there was nearly only bone left.

“But… why? What, who, huh?” Lery was lost for words as he tried to express his distraught.

“Yaw… My beautiful Yawsa, my most precious jewel.” Srold’s fiery eyes were beginning to dim. “Yawsa, I am sorry… You should have come… I am such a fool.” At that time Jedediah had shrieked loudly. The three others quickly ran inside. Lery Immediately vomited at what he saw. Lija had to turn immediately. And Srold.

Srold’s breathing quickened, he began to sweat furiously, he began to twitch, he was beginning to find standing difficult. He knelt down, not letting his eyes leave the horror that would haunt even demons. His breathing had begun to waver between sobbing and panting, his sweat had turned to blood and its best that his eyes were hidden, since for one moment, they looked as dead as the sight in front of him.

Srold slammed his fist into the ground, he stood up and punched the wall adjacent to him, he struck it again, and again, he struck it relentlessly until at last there was too much blood oozing from his knuckles. He then let out a large cry, which could easily have been mistaken for a beast’s roar.

What he had seen, was Yawsa’s head. Drained of blood, most of her hair was torn, her spine hung loosely from her skull, most of her skin was pale and rotting, but parts had decayed. Her ears where missing, and her forehead was indented it. Her cheeks had disappeared, revealing her teeth, all covered with blood and mucus. Her tongue was missing and her eyes… The only part of her face untouched was her eyes, missing the life, but still beautiful. Her head was lying on a chair, facing the doorway to the back room.

Jedediah could no longer handle the sight and ran outside, he was brave to enter, but his courage gave way. He was soon joined by Lery and Lija. The three wept together, in each other’s arms. Srold remained inside weeping before his wife’s head. He eventually looked up to a note on the chair under her head.

He lifted her head, it felt different for him, it was not soft anymore, it was dry and rough, he almost began to weep again as he realised how much he will miss her soft skin. There was nothing about her he didn’t love. As he grabbed the note, he felt a chill. He grabbed the note and his wife’s favourite necklace and ring and quickly walked to the other three who were still in a silent embrace.

Srold spoke very solemnly.

“Lija, there was a note with my wife. It was in her handwriting, but I fear it was not her will[RR1]  or her words.”

Lija grabbed the note and read the very eerie final words of Yawsa. He spoke as he read, trying his best to eliminate all emotion.

“Foolish Men! Fools! All of you! You would walk away to fulfil a prophecy, but leave your most precious jewel behind? Oh my we had fun, I see why Srold was always happy, she was so kind that she even allowed me to stay the night. It’s hard being a deceiver, oh it really is. Don’t worry, she enjoyed my company, well, she never complained. Sure she probably hated the torture or maybe it was the Moir’s I brought with me? Ahh no matter, if she hate it she should have said so. Oh wait, she did, she called for you Srold. That was about the time I decided that I should take her tongue. That gentle tone was so soft and sweet. Let me tell you this straight Srold, kill the two youths before you sleep tonight, or I will. Now, to finish of this, she has written what I want.”

The four stood in shock. Fury began to rise in each of their hearts. Just as Lija was about to speak, he saw faint words at the end of the letter. The words looked as though they were written I blood. Still Yaws’s handwriting. Lija then read it out

”Kill this demon”.

Srold shed a tear, he whispered in response.

“Yawsa I swear he will never find rest, not even in death.”

Lery and Jedediah took a few steps back. Lery was near fainting and Jedediah felt a strange presence that felt threatening.

Lija spoke up one last time.

“Well, that settle’s it, we find that third youth, and you kids are gettin’ out of this place. We have no time to lose, obviously the enemy senses hope. Whenever the enemy senses hope, he is reminded that his end is nigh. Remember, as long as you have hope, you have a mission. We leave tomorrow at sunrise, pack everything you can bring, but, only bring one memoir, you will not return here ever again, as such, so too shall your memory of this place.”

Jedediah swore in his heart, that this was a proclamation of his fsther’s that he was determined to prove wrong.

They all returned to the blacksmith, Lija and Srold were cautious since the sky was darker than usual. A bit too dark in fact. The air was quite cold, so for the first half of the night, the furnaces were operating. The four hid in the blacksmithing room, which wasn’t the healthiest of environments, especially since everything was blocked up tonight and the only ventilation was a chimney, but being choked by smoke is nothing in comparison to what is out there prowling. Lija explained to the kids that the killer does not possess any power to find them, but expects that the four to have already departed. He said that the killer was searching the caves and fields now, but seems to only move by night.

“However, this night is evil. I dare not expose ourselves to the air very much, it even tastes toxic. You listen ‘ere Jed, this, ‘killer’, sounds like a man full of fear.  Be cautious and stay alert-” Lija was interrupted by a loud crash of thunder accompanied by a large earthquake. Something like that of a dragon’s roar caused the air to feel dead, and itself shook the room. The only light in the sky, as faint through the dark clouds as it was, disappeared as the roar flew above them. The roar was clearer, and sounded like a million high pitched screams mixed with the sound of an erupting volcano. A gust of wind flew down the chimney as whatever was causing this unbearable noise flew overhead. The darkness lifted slightly as the fearful creature flew away.

Jedediah peaked in between the wood of the bordered up windows. The terrifying sight. The dragon appearance covered the whole sky. It reflected no light and carried a dark smoke around it. It had scales of jet black, and horns of white. It had a tail with a spear head end, and its feet were covered in dark red, dipped in blood. That was all Jedediah saw at the moment. But he immediately felt hope as he felt a burning inside of him, a burning of his mission, he turned to Lija, who read Jedediah’s mind and replied.

“Yes son, I do believe he is in fact, the immortal being.”

Srold grinned, he almost looked pleased.

“Well, well. The master of fear, is himself, in fear.” Srold even let out an evil chuckle. “Well boys, I shall say this the most polite way possible. whatever the Aura has for you, has really made this immortal being one insecure little prick.” No-one ever spoke with such language, on the island, the most profane words you would hear is ‘get your chores done’. So this had really caught the kids attention. “Well, tomorrow, we see what he has done to this island as we find this third youth.”

At this time Srold and Lija explained everything, they explained the prophecies of old, and what they mean know, who the immortal being was and explained all the enemies fear tactics. Everything but Lija’s vision of their betrayal was explained. Lija never told the two kids their fate, however he explained that he doesn’t feel right about him and to be cautious, no matter where or when.

The four then slept until morning. After a strangely dark night, the light peeking through the windows was very bright. Bright, and very warm. Actually, it was warm. No, hot. No, very hot. The four arose in synchronisation, and ran for the door, as their eyes adjusted to the brightness, they were shocked. The entire horizon, and the fields and caves, all were burning with a raging fire. It was close to them, so they immediately grabbed their belongings and ran for the creek. As they began to walk down the creek they saw a young body. He was lying mostly in the creek, with his head on shore. As the four approached, the body spoke.

“I may look harmed, but if you dare come near me I shall end you here with me…”

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