The Warrior Within

A young boy destined to be the saviour of this new world. His adventure begins, and along the way, finds what it takes to be a hero, but first, he must realise, that to be a true hero, you need to know, the warrior within.


1. Introduction

The World of Yarvis is split up into three parts and a vast ocean: the kingdoms of Terrotrop, the land of the Mue. The Province of Dec’ton, the land of the Stray. The final part, the Strocton, the land invaded by man. There are many islands across the great ocean of Variton, many of which were inhabited by Man and Mue. They did not live loyal to any leader and had mastered the ‘Aura.’ They were an entire civilisation in themselves. With only 100 inhabitants, they lived in a quality of life unique from the outside world. While a political war raged in the three territories, they lived in peace. However, they had lately had a disturbance in their peace. Small beasts began to appear on nearby islands. These beasts were like a lion, only fiercer. They were merciless killers with the desperate need to feed on flesh. All the surrounding islands were being attacked; some islands were even entirely destroyed by these beasts. They are known as, the Shrakar.

The caps of the world were ice covered wastelands, home to the frozen beasts. There lived a tribe long ago who would live at the caps as a normal part of life. This was not so after the invasion of the immortal being. There was not much that did survive the coming of the beast. Its fierce power was enough to wipe out the weak and helpless. But, rumours had risen lately about the ancient tribe, To’ku, had begun sprouting from the dead; the survivors of the first war against the immortal being. These people were average height, about 4-5 foot tall, but made up for it in their bulkiness, they had the appearance of a Mue, only they had a white fur.

The World of Yarvis was in in global peace. The ‘Ancient Wars of Old’ were over and every creature lived in peace. To be more specific, Man and ‘Mue’ lived in peace. Mues were creatures which had the shape of man but the appearance of a terrifying beast. Fur covered the Mues all over, a thick rich dark fur, with patches of Purple on it. A Mue’s eyes are golden and bright, its face is crimson red, as if dipped in blood. It has feet in the shapes of a paw, the hands of a bird. However, the Mues have the heart of a man. The selfish but strong spirit that Man had was too inside a Mue. The Mues had a very close connection to the ‘Aura.’ A mysterious force unknown to most men, not even the Mues entirely understand the ‘Aura.’ The Mues were the original inhabitants of the world. After Man’s defeat on earth, an immortal being opened a portal to a different world.

This world was unknown to Man, even with their ‘infinite wisdom,’ Man was unable to find their universe that they lived in, nor anyway to get back. Though, it was told that this new world would be theirs if they obeyed the ‘Aura.’ However, they did not stay true to this promise. They betrayed the immortal being, and they were doomed to destruction from the Mues. The high priest of the Mues however at the time however, rejected the immortal beings plead for the destruction of Man. He believed that it was an unnecessary act of violence and anger. The immortal beast was then furious with the world of Yarvis and left the world in a spiral of conflict. After the high priest died, a new leader was appointed for the Mues. His name was Mo’tar, a violent and merciless Mue who believed in nothing but destruction. He was willing to follow the immortal being’s order. However, the immortal being had already decided to abandon both of the races. The being left to his own race of being to do his will: The Stray.

The Stray were the demons of the world of Yarvis, they were the strongest in all of the demonic races. They served the immortal being. They came in many shapes, typically in the appearance of a scaly human being, with skin coloured blue and orange. They had their own power, separate to the ‘Aura.’ They had, as the Mues call it: ‘Montuit.’ The Montuit, or Mont for short, was a mystical force that could be accessed, if used by a strong enough person, to access the minds of Man and Mue. The Mont did almost everything the ‘Aura’ can do, such as create fire, control the weather and can create mystical spheres of power. These spheres are just like a ball of flames, the flames were rich with ‘Aura.’ The Mont however, could never create anything or heal anything; all the Montuit could do, was destroy

The Mont was considered a dark force by both Man and Mue, both forbid any exercising of the ways of the Mont. Besides the fact that everyone who tried to use the Mont was transformed into a demon and had their entire being taken away, the Mont acted as a poison for everyone around them. It creates an atmosphere of darkness which choked every fibre of any living being.  Not a single life form can survive a prolonged exposure to the Mont.

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