The Warrior Within

A young boy destined to be the saviour of this new world. His adventure begins, and along the way, finds what it takes to be a hero, but first, he must realise, that to be a true hero, you need to know, the warrior within.


4. Dangerous Truths

The kids weren’t sure why or where Lija was going, but they slept peacefully without anxiety of Lija, but perhaps it was better that they did? You see, Lija walked further up the river to spend some time in the ‘Aura,’ he was beginning to find that he was not as strong and ready for this as he thought he was. He needed answers; why his children? Why must they follow through? Sometimes the Truth can hurt, and leave even scars. Lija was not ready for the answers he was to receive that night.

As he knelt to talk to the ‘Aura’ he began to see an ocean, with a dock right next to it. He saw this from a bird’s eye view. He saw thousands and thousands of boats coming from the docks into the vast ocean. As he looked for their destination he saw another dock. This dock had nowhere near the amount of bays to support the thousands of ships. He wondered why they were all heading in that direction? He looked back and saw that all the boats had left the dock, except for two boats. As he looked closer at all the boats, he saw that each one was either geared for war, or ready to build.

Again he looked at the dock on the other side, the country the dock was providing for had warriors fighting everywhere, across a ridge, and the ridge was stained with black ash. He realised that all the ships were for reinforcements. As he counted the enemies of this dock, and then counted the ships, he saw that they were severely outnumbered, even with reinforcements.

As he returned to the original dock he saw a big red warship, armoured heavily with iron and cannons. This ship that had literally appeared out of nowhere was three times as big as the docks on the war land. Lija did not know why then they were sending such a big ship? It was not until he saw two small construction ships just leaving the docks, he looked closer and saw that these two were equipped with resources able to build the dock to a suitable size for the warship. On each ship, he saw a person guiding the ship to point towards the other dock, then they gave a small push and the ships drifted forward, gaining speed towards the docks. He looked and found that they were the only two ships left.

As he looked at all the previous ships he realised that all the ships had crashed at the seaside and had missed the docks. Then he everything flashed into another scene, he saw the giant warship and the two construction boats unload into a new dock, freshly built. Out of the warship came a heavily armoured warrior. He looked three times as big as any other warrior, his steps created craters as he walked. Then two smaller warriors came from the boasts. They too were armoured, but not with iron, the were armoured with cloth and leather. As they approached the ridge, they saw an entire army, dead and the enemy laughing at the three warriors.

The warrior looked in acknowledgement of the two smaller warriors and started to charge. His charge created fear in the enemy, his sword wiped down every foe in his way, his shield and armour shattered every weapon used against him. He took out half the enemy. As he charged, the two younger warriors called upon the sky and the sky shot down meteors, lighting and opened up the ground beneath the enemies to lava. They wiped out the other half of the enemy. But when he looked at who was dead, he noticed the two younger warriors too laid dead, they used all their strength in a final blow. The great warrior was left standing, he raised his army back to life, but the two younger warriors still lied on the ground.

At this Lija jumped in horror. It all made sense to him! He started to tremble in fear; the great warrior was the third youth, he was going to lead the kids to a glorious victory, but at the cost of their lives, he would then betray them by leaving them for dead! In Lija’s sadness and anger he ran to the beach nearby, then he called up the waves and threw them away, he wanted to stop the children’s journey now, he wished he could rid the water, but no matter how far he threw it, it kept coming back. Until sunrise he wept and wept, even the animals nearby wept with him.

Upon his return he knew that he could not turn back, everything was already set forth, there was no more time for sadness and sorrow. He walked forward into the cave, the kids were asleep still, so he called Srold out of the cave and told him about his vision. Srold did not feel sadness as first as Lija had, instead he felt a burning rage well up inside of him. He too ran as far as he could, Lija decided to leave Srold to his business and came back to look over the children.

Lija looked at the kids and stayed with them and blessed them as he layed his hand over them. Suddenly he knew that he had to do what was necessary. You see, while he blessed them he prayed that they would not have to go through with their journey, but everytime he blessed them, the children spoke to him saying ‘our lives are set.’ Lija could not ignore the prophecies anymore and walked outside. He walked off into the wilderness and then made a portal and walked in.

Srold returned before sunrise to see the children wake up. He was shocked however to see Lija also approaching at the same time, he thought that Lija had ran off as he did.

Though, Lija had not run off in sadness. He had teleported home to grab a large leather satchel, the bag weighed as much as Srold and Lija together. Before Lija returned to the cave, he walked to the river, he pulled out the contents of the bag a washed a polished each item. He left each weapon on the ground and prayed for blessing and empowerment in each of the items. He then packed the items and ventured back to the cave.

Srold remained silent as Lija placed each item from the bag across the cave floor. The kids awoke to see the items across the ground. Lija looked at them and slowly began to speak.

“Kids, it is time to wield a weapon and to be trained in the arts of such weapon. Each weapon has been blessed individually and uniquely by the ‘Aura,’ each blessing will empower you with the blessing upon it.” Lija approached the first weapon he pulled out. “This is the sword of youth. It is a sword that is indestructible and never grows weak. The wielder is filled with a near eternal energy and never grows weary.” He slowly walked to the next weapon, a shield, “This is the shield of guidance. The wielder is filled with hope. He is never far from home and will always know what to do in the direst of times.” Lija moved to the next weapon, a spiked mace. “This is the mace of ferocity. The wielder is filled with extreme strength, able to tear down walls with one swipe. The mace also gives the wielder unshakable courage, be warned; the mace however comes at the cost that the wielder suffers from a loss of intelligence and may forget simple things.” Lija looked at the children and giggled at this. He looked as if he were to say something, but he shrugged it off and moved along.

“What are you chuckling bout pa?” Jedediah picked up on his father’s unusual humorous chuckle

“Hmm? Oh nothing son.” He then picked up a bow and quiver and moved it in view of the children, since it was invisible to the naked eye without first being pointed out. As the bow became visible, the kids eyes widened with an exasperated shock. Lery even stepped back a bit. Lija continued with a big grin on his face. “This is the bow of the prowler. As you kids can see now, this bow has the ability to appear transparent. The wielder too also becomes invisible, only visible when you approach a beast, animal or living thing can anyone sense you. Sight, smell and, if the wielder had tamed the weapon enough, even weapons can slice through you, and you will be unharmed. The arrows to will always seek the target of which u intended, even if it has to bend through space, and too if well tamed, through a short expanse of time.” Now the kids had reason to be pleasantly shocked, at least until Lija kept speaking, “however children. Whilst this is all mind blowing, I am afraid this bow cripples your strength. You will become so weak that you will find even carrying your rations to become a burden.” Now the kids were a little less ecstatic.

Lija shuffled along again and looked down upon a golden staff with a strange glowing orb at the top. “This is the staff of the elements. The wielder of this is instantly empowered with the art of the elements. You can call up water and create storms. You can call down lighting. And even heals ones wounds by restoring flesh and muscle and blood.” Lery’s mouth dropped in excitement. It was clear that he wanted to wield the staff. Lija saw Lery smile and grinned at him. “Of course, the staff makes it near impossible to wield in close combat” Lery you see always dreamed of one day being able to fight in the ‘Army of Man.’ But only very few got into the army that did not fight in close combat.

Lija kept moving to the next weapon. He picked up what appeared to be leather gloves with iron studs. “These children are the gauntlets of Strength. Whilst the mace gives amazing strength, these give you unfailing strength. When you are in dire circumstances, these gauntlets give you more strength than the mace. When do you know you need them? Well you are not going to be able to just run around putting holes in walls. These gauntlets also reduce any pain. As long as these gauntlets remain on your hands, you will feel no sword pierce you, no war hammer batter you, or even a meteor crush you.”

Lija was amusing himself at the faces the kids made, how he loved children. He turned his gaze towards at two full suit of armour. These kids you will both where in combat. You are both too young to fit into these, but when the time comes, you will be suited for war. The Breastplate will give you the eyes to see an enemy from miles away, The boots can create earthquakes, the helmet can bring silence among all noise, the leggings can give amazing speed, the belt stops all arrows in their tracks.”

Lija moved along once more, from a sheath he drew a small dagger. “This is the dagger of intelligence. The wielder is able to figure out any weaknesses in anything, to out wit any enemy and to plan an entire battle quicker than a dragon ant’s wing beat.”

Lija then approached the children out of the darkness so he could be seen more clearly “In time you will be able to wield each weapon available to you and master each weapon. In the mean time I trust you shall be wise with your choice. I will leave you to think about your choice if you wish”

“I have decided” announced Lery

“Very well Lery.” Lija’s amusement could be heard as he spoke. Lery walked in the shadows towards the Gauntlets and put his hands inside the heavy gauntlets. He then strapped them tightly around his arms, they reached right up near his elbow. On the back of the gauntlets were patterns of curves with a Lion head. There were  yellow jewels as the Lions eyes which glowed mystically. The lions head was golden, somehow carved out. The rest of the back hand was gold plated. The fingers had gold plated rings around them, allowing still though for one to flexibly move their fingers. The inside of the hand was all tough leather, a golden brown leather which had looked as if it were fresh. The rest of the Gauntlets too was like the inside of the hand, a rich texture which gave a bold feeling to those who saw it. On the knuckles came iron spikes, these spike were not too sharp, slightly blunted, but they were strong and would cause a gash never the less. After fitting the gauntlets he walked over and picked up the mace. At first he was nearly pulled to the ground at it’s weight, but gradually he found he could lift it easier.

 As Lery walked out of the darkness; Srold, Lija and Jedediah all gasped in surprise. When Lery walked out of the shadow, his body composition had changed, he didn’t look the little Lery anymore, no he had become a lot more rigid in shape now. His shoulders were much broader; his arms had become a lot stockier, his skin no longer looked soft either. His chest had to also broadened, his legs had grown a lot more bulky and his feet size had increased. Lery was slightly confused at their surprise and asked what they were surprised about. Lija used the shield as a mirror and showed Lery his appearance. Lery was silent, he didn’t know wether he felt excited, or upset. He was finally now as strong as he wanted. But he felt as if he had lost his childish innocence as his body had suddenly matured. Lery remained silent as he stood next to Srold, who he now had to look down on instead of up. It was a strange and eerie feeling for Lery to be bigger than his father like he was.

Lija looked at Jedediah. “Have you decided Son?” Jedediah looked at his father then back at the choices he had. He walked over and picked up the shield. As he looked at it, he finally saw the patterns on the shield. A tree with roots in the ground were on the front, the tree was just Iron carvings in the shield, but the detail of the carvings made it look real. The shield was coated in steel, with and iron core. The shield was a third the size of Jedediah and about three quarters as wide as him. It was a Blue colour from the sapphire jewels covering the shield.

Jedediah the grabbed the sword, the hilt was two eagles opposite each other. Out of the wings came the blade, the handle was a rich dark leather, which looked like the eagles talons from the two eagles. Their feet were carrying a red ruby. There eyes were dark, with a golden light rim. Their beaks to were golden. Instead of a brown feathery texture on the mighty bird, there was steel. The sword was moderately light for its appearance however. Instantly Jedediah felt refreshed and was standing straight, he turned around, a little more joyously than usual, and quicker too. Lija was pleased with Jedediahs choice. He looked at Jedediah,

“What are you looking at me like that for?” asked Jedediah with a grin.

“See why you had to go grab ten buckets of water? That shield was a nightmare to make.” Laughed Lija pleasantly. Lija then took Jedediah outside and gave Srold a signal. Srold then took Lery and walked outside, in the opposite direction. Lija and Srold both explained that at the end of each day they were to meet up here, and the start of each day they would go with their fathers to train. After a fortnight they were to return home and they would be trained there. Each child had to be trained different they explained, as each weapon reflected upon each way each child fights. They explained that Lery had chosen brute force and wanted to tear down the enemy and Jedediah had chosen to be able to withstand anything in his way. They explained how Lery was like a Lion and Jedediah was like and Eagle. Each day each child was taught in their weapon and both progressed successively.

They were equipped for combat against the beasts of the island at their level, but nothing they could do, would prepare any of them for what was to come ahead. On the last day of their training they returned home. It was a peaceful journey home for the most of it at least…


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