The Art of Art

This is a collection of artsy things that i did. I hope you like them :)


8. Elemental- Terra

Now the horror begins, I don't know why, but I always suck at drawing Terra.  Almost forgot she has the element of earth.


This one hurts my insides.  I made her whole body minus the legs because I couldn't figure out how to make her kneeling.  I then decided to put her legs to the side, but I made the wrong one longer than the other and didn't have enough room for her legs.


Make note that the background is like that because I wanted it to seem like everything was out of focus and she was the only thing in focus.  Also the vines aren't her hand, but rather she has them attached  from her fingers and she makes them grow.  Kind of confusing, I know.  Oh, also this reminds me of Cas.

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