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1. new school, new life

Hello my name is Chloe, I am 16 years old. I have blonde hair and green eyes. I am Irish. I moved to America when I was 5, my mum died when I was only six years old. I use to live with my dad until he started abusing me. I ran away and found an orphanage called the 'Happy Care Center' they were all nice people. Until a family came in, they didn't have any kids so that when they adopted me when I was 13. 3 years later we had to move to a new state, California.

First Day Of School.

"Honey, wake up! You don't wanna miss the first day of school" my step-mum said. I got up and putted on a tank top then a crop-top with cats on it. I then putted on a pair of leggings then socks. I went to the bathroom after. I grabbed the brush and straighten my long blonde hair. After that was done I putted on lip gloss and mascara. I wasn't like the other girls how they went all with eyeliner and stuff. I grabbed my phone and backpack then I putted my backpack on my back. I went downstairs and to the table. "What time is it?" I asked my step-mum. "6:53" she answered while handing me a snack. I putted it in my backpack then went out the door. "Love you mum, I'll see you around 4:00" I said grabbing my keys. I went to my red convertible and got in. I putted in the keys and backed out. I went to the school and parked putting my keys in my backpack. I'm really nervous since this is my first time going to a American school. I went inside and looked around when somebody pushed me. I fall to the floor and groan. "What the bloody hell was that for?" I got up holding my nose. "I'm really sorry I didn't mean to push into you..my name is Nash." The guy with brown hair with a blonde highlight and bright blue eyes. "My name is Chloe.." I say. "Mind if I show you where the office is?" He asks. I nod and blush. I never have been flirted with a hot guy like him. I still hold my nose as he grabs my hand and pulls me to where ever he's going. He pulls my into the office and smiles, as I notice he has a left dimple. Aww. "I'll wait for you?" He asks kind of shyly. "Sure, lover boy" I say back. He stays behind as I go up to the desk. "Hello, my name is Chloe Johnson" I say. "Ahh yes, Mrs. Johnson." She says as giving me a stack of papers. "Here's your classes, map of where they are and your locker number" She says. I carry them and go to Nash. "Ready?" I ask. "I guess ill skip my 1st period to help you get around and to your locker.." I smile as he says. He looks down and blushes. I kiss him on the cheek and he looks at my papers and grabs my hand to a locker. "Locker 101, right beside me" he looks at me and winks. I blush and open the door revealing a empty locker. I shove my backpack in and grab my books. He stares at my chest while I am bending to set everything else down. "Do you mind, and grow a pair of boobs then you can stare at your own?" I ask. He chuckles and sighs. "Darling, who do you think I am?" He asks. I straighten up and close my locker. "Nash, this isn't funny." I say. As I turn around I see a different boy. A much older man. "Who are you" I ask demanding. "No time for questions" he says as he pushes me against my locker. "W-what do y-you wa-want from m-m-me?" I stutter. He holds my waist as he kisses down my neck. "I'm Harry your new teacher" he says. I push him back and he winks at me. I shake

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