Stay Strong and Stop Bullying

Hi, my name is Jennifer! Weird name huh!?! I don't like it so people call me Jenny! Read about my amazing life! I doubted! Ugh! I just can't do this anymore with people bullying me and threatening me like CRAP!!!!! Yea is aid I don't care oh and one more thing: WARNING BAD WORDS!
Hopefully one day my life will change



I was walking to the salon today. I was just hoping nobody noticed me from school. I never thought middle school/8th grade was so hard! I was practically going to high school next year! I would be a total piece of shit that people will like to call a slut or whore! Ugh! People just look for a way to insult me!

Well like I was saying I was walkin to the salon. On my way, something caught my eye it was a couple just hitting this innocent dog! I think it was a female! There was a sign that read,"CRAPPY DOG FOR SALE


Authors note

Srry guys for the short chapter. ;( but I'll make it up to u guys who like this book! I have a day off from school so no worries I'll be writing all day just for all of u! Plz comment faverite like etc...

Thx guys I'll see ya later


P.S. I might change my user can u guys tell me what should I change it too or should I keep it?!?

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