Stay Strong and Stop Bullying

Hi, my name is Jennifer! Weird name huh!?! I don't like it so people call me Jenny! Read about my amazing life! I doubted! Ugh! I just can't do this anymore with people bullying me and threatening me like CRAP!!!!! Yea is aid I don't care oh and one more thing: WARNING BAD WORDS!
Hopefully one day my life will change



Today was the worst day ever! Not than any other day is normal or anything like that but I really feel I want to end my life!!! So this what happen: on my way to the bus stop I almost got pranked! These two kids put trip wires!?! I forgot to mention that IT WAS RAINING!!!!! So like I was saying two kids put trip wires they did that so people could trip into the mud!!! Well since I saw when I was coming from the corner that they started to laugh at the person that fell on there prank that's when I remembered:IT WAS APRIL 1st witch means April fools!!! I planned this for so long so it was an excuse to get those retards/ kids that are really mest up to me!! So I ran back to the house!! Good thing my parents weren't there, I got my supplies! So I ran back so I couldn't miss the bus but once I got there before I knew it I was covered in mud!!! The bus had left and it soaked me I couldn't tell if it was mud or water!!!!! So I walked to school!! Then I ran! Then faster......... Faster............faster..... And faster!!!!!! I was in time and tired!! Then I thought to myself," Why did I come again when I'm soaked?" I was so covered up I left a trail?! Omg It was an emberrasment!!!! Teachers don't care for me if I go to class or not even my. Parents!!! So I usually hide in my fav place to hide! In the basement! Nobody goes there only me and my friends! So most if the day I'm in there! It use to be gross and icky! But me and my pals have cleared it up and now it's like my 2nd room! Anyways, like I was saying I was an embarrassment people laughed at me like I was a clown trying to entertain them that's when I finally had it and showed how I felt so I totally lost it!!! I was screaming and crying!!! Then I ran so fast! I had no idea where so I decided to go to the basement! When everybody was at lunch I went back home!now I feel I made a big mistake! So now I'm never going to school!!!!!

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