Stay Strong and Stop Bullying

Hi, my name is Jennifer! Weird name huh!?! I don't like it so people call me Jenny! Read about my amazing life! I doubted! Ugh! I just can't do this anymore with people bullying me and threatening me like CRAP!!!!! Yea is aid I don't care oh and one more thing: WARNING BAD WORDS!
Hopefully one day my life will change



I saw how bad they were treating that dog. I was all broken I didn't know why I was just there looking at how badly they treated this poor dog! I think it was a chihuahua mix. It had white fur with a little bit of light brown. I couldn't believe my eyes! So I decided to take a chance to get it! The poor thing was so skinny with cuts! Then I imagined how they treated it like its I don't know..... CRAP!!!!! I had money on me but I didn't know how much they were selling it for. I had a lot more money to just pay for my make over. I decided to go! I asked the guys name, his name was John. He looked mean and nasty. I asked," How much is the dog?"

"You really want to buy this bitch?!?"he answered.

I said," So she's a girl! Oh, how much do you want her for?"

"Ugh! Just take this god damn thing, just take it I'm out of this!"

He bent down and looked at the dog and said," you are worthless you little bitch, don't ever come near me again!" With that he walked away.

The dog looked at me with worried eyes. I bent down to pick her up. She flinched and put her ears down like I was about to hurt her! I let her smell my hand. She then approaches me and puts her weak paws on my leg. I pick her up, and then I walk home.

I walked in my house, looked around and thought"where am I going to keep her? I have a big yard! But a giant bird could take her!! Omg where??" So many thoughts in my head!! I just decided to take her into my room.

I was up in my room, thinking of where she's going to sleep! Then I remembered that I had this small well not small but a little tiny sofa I use to sit on when I was just 5. I looked in my closet it took a while since I have a BIG closet! It was all the way at the end where I had all my childish things! It was perfect! Well for starters it wasn't really a sofa it was more like a cushion. It was a perfect size to! I put it near my bed in an empty spot where I use to have my toys at. When I looked for the dog so I can put it on its new bed it was gone! The door was close so it didn't get out like that! That's when I got up and herd a yelp! I looked under the bed and she was stuck! I picked up the bed with all my strength so she can get out. She quickly ran behind me as I was putting the bed back down. Then I picked her up and told her," You naughty little thing" and with that I put her in her new bed. She sniffed around and then got comfortable. That's when I saw her and she looked royal! So that's when I remembered! What am I going to name her! So I glanced at her an then thought. That's when I totally had it and I said." I know whtat your new name is going to be, Princess!


Author notes

Hey guys sorry I have to write like this now it's the stupid mode and now I'm stuck! So what do u guys think of this little twist!? Is it going to chage Jenny's life! Is princess making a difference in the story? Plz tell me!

No matter what I'm stuck like this! Oh well! If u read this book and u like it plz follow me or favorite comment etc. if u follow me then u r CRASH!!!!!! B) plz tell me what u think?! Well one more thing, tomorrow is my...... B-day wich is June 12 tomorrow ! It will make my day if I had happy birthday in the comments down below \/ well my age is personal ! Oh and this book will be more updated since no more school! And I will stop doing less author notes.

So plz it will make up my day tomorrow if u comment down below happy birthday! I can't wait for tomorrow! So bye guys love u!


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