Stay Strong and Stop Bullying

Hi, my name is Jennifer! Weird name huh!?! I don't like it so people call me Jenny! Read about my amazing life! I doubted! Ugh! I just can't do this anymore with people bullying me and threatening me like CRAP!!!!! Yea is aid I don't care oh and one more thing: WARNING BAD WORDS!
Hopefully one day my life will change



I was alone in my quite spot waiting to be free! But I couldn't! Because of school!!! Ugh! I just hate school now and I have lost almost everything in my life! Well not everything!!! But what upsets me is that why do I have to be the one who gets left out? Why do people use me as a piece of crap!!! Yea I said it I don't care! Well if you are going to be reading this, then be mature cause:WARNING Bad language!!!! But I have to move on with this if I'll be treated like this then they'll never know what hit them. So this is really mest up I should be treated like I treat them! Well I better get goin in almost late, not that I care but still.

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