Stay Strong and Stop Bullying

Hi, my name is Jennifer! Weird name huh!?! I don't like it so people call me Jenny! Read about my amazing life! I doubted! Ugh! I just can't do this anymore with people bullying me and threatening me like CRAP!!!!! Yea is aid I don't care oh and one more thing: WARNING BAD WORDS!
Hopefully one day my life will change



I woke up this morning trying to figure out what to do. That's when in the corner of my eyes I saw 2 little paws!? I almost freaked out when I remembered about Princess! That's when I got the hint, she wanted to go out side to do her business. I jumped out of bed, put the nearest slippers on. Walked downstairs, to open the back door. I really didn't care about making any noises to wake up my parents, since they weren't even at home. Witch reminds me, my mom left to North Carolina for a business trip. My dad is lawyer and he went to go live in Chicago last year. He said he'd be back.

Anyways enough about my parents!

After Princess went to the potty outside, I decided to get on my laptop. Oh one more thing I forgot to mention, I'm rich and I get bullied witch makes no sense to me!

Today I decided, once again to go get a make over! Well hopefully this time no animals like a cat cause my mom is allergic. As I was getting ready to go I heard barking. It was Princess! To me it was adorable. I put my hair in a messy bun and ran down stairs. I looked out the window to see who Princess was barking at, it was her! No it couldn't be! I couldn't believe it! It's actually her! My cousin from Florida was here! Lizbeth! I call her Lizzie since it's shorter. I quickly opened and gave her a BIG HUG!

"Lizzie what are you doing here!" I said.

" I thought I could come to spend time with my fave cousin!" She responded

"Omg I forgot to give you my phone number! Remember the last time you came!" I mentally kicked myself.

"It's fine, I also forgot you know." She said.

We quickly exchanged numbers and started talking about everything and anything! That's when she finally asked me.....

"Who's dog is it?" She asked

"It's my dog, her name is Princess." I said back

"Cool can I pet her?"

"Let her sniff your hand first!"


She put her hand so Princess could sniff it. Then next thing you know.... Princes was all up on the floor like crazy happy and I know I made no sense! Well I should get dressed and say bye to my cousin.

"Bye Lizzie!!!!!!" I yelled!

"Bbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!" She yelled back!

And with that she left and it was me and Princess again. Just then I went to the kitchen to get breakfast. Since my butler,maid and chef were on a break I had to make my own food. Well they weren't on a break I sorta maybe fired them.

So I grabbed a bowl and got milk from the fridge. The I got my fave cereal and made my breakfast.

I then fed Princess pieces of steak I found in the fridge. With that I finally got my money and got my keys and phone and put it in my pocket.

I was once more walking to the salon. I also saw some people from school! I panicked a little but the I put my hoodie up, with my head looking down. I speed walked to the salon so I wouldn't run into nobody.

I got there and I was actually lucky cause I was a little to early but they opened early and made a new schedule. Witch was great! Well I couldn't think straight when I got in there so my words made no sense. When I got called I told the lady what I wanted. With that she got to work. I tried my best not to change myself a lot cause Princess would've thought I was someone else!

I was done! I actually looked gorgeous if I say so myself! Well I headed home and some people were staring at me like I was crazy! Guys were staring to much and girl were whispering things to there friends! I ran so they would stop! Well I don't know what I was thinking but I just don't like it when they stare and talk about me! Life was life and clearly mines hated me! I make no sense when I can't think straight! Omg I can't stop I don't even know what I'm freaking out about! Oh well I should just forget about it.

When I got home Princess came up to me and started barking crazily!

"Princess calm down, it's me!" I said while bending down so she could sniff. She believed me and started licking my like saying 'I'm sorry'.

Well I should just make myself a new student and with a new start!

Can't wait for tomorrow wich is the first time I've been excited!

I went on my laptop to make a application for my school. Well of course I know what else to do.

After I was done with all of that I fed myself and Princess, then took Her outside.

I was bored so I decided to play minecraft on my laptop. It was getting late so I decided to go to bed.

I just can't wait!

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