A Skype Call - Harry Styles

She was from America, He was from London. He was calling his Mum, She was calling her friend when they some how crossed paths. She was Rose Dutch, He was Harry Styles. Although Rose told Harry she had a boyfriend, Harry made it his mission to make her his. Did he reach mission acomplished or does Rose go on with her normal everyday life? -Read to Find Out-


2. Chapter 2

Harry's P.O.V

"THEY SAID YES!!!!" Louis screamed running into the board room, we were currently waiting for Simon to come sonwe could have a chat with the 5SOS boys about what's happening on tour, "Yes Lou, we know they said yes, We were there remember?" Liam told Louis. Soon after Simon came in with a laptop and set it down on the desk, "okay boys, we're going to skype the boys, tell them about where we're going then talk qbout people coming with us, reminder there are only 12 beds on the bus, minus you and the others there are 3 spare beds, the boys have together chosen 1 person they're bringing with them, meaning you guys have to mutually agree on 2 people. Okay?" Simon rushed, we all nodded our heads in agreement.

I couldn't help but hope that the person they were bringing was Rose, I was only talking to her for a few hours I felt as if I had fallen for her already. Simon opened the laptop and logged onto skype, "Hello boys." Simon said as the four faces of the 5SOS boys came onto screen, "Hi Simon, Hey Guys" they replied waving to the camera, "Okay so, were having 107 shows (idk if thats right) in 23 countries, but were going to around 7 cities in each country. sound good?" Simon told the boys, they all nodded their heads, "Now may I please speak to your guest who you have decided on? I wanted to talk to them about a contract they need to sign and also about schedules." Simon spoke again, I could tell that we weren't really going to talk through out this meeting, we were all just going to sit here. "Uh yeah sure i'll just go get them from upstairs," Ashton said getting up from his seat, he soon came back with the beautiful lavender haired girl I have seemed to fall for.

"Uh hi, I'm Rose." she said fiddling with the ends of her hair, she looked so cute and innocent when she did that, "Ah yes, Rose. Now the boys were telling me that they all want you to go on tour with them? is that correct?" Simon asked, I felt my heart speed up and my stomach do flips, so It was her who was going to be coming with us,  I looked back at her as she smiled and slowly nodded her head. "Good, now i'm going to fax over a contract that I need you to sign, read if you will but all it really states is that you are agreeing to be apart of the tour and what ever happens during it, if you become ill or injured under our care we are fully agreed to be held responsible for you being able to get help if needed, and that you promise that if anything secret happens whilst you are on this tour you wont speak to anyone but us of it. is that clear?" Simon asked Rose, she quickly nodded her head and stopped fiddling with her hair. "Good, now I will fax that document over for you Rose as soon as we finish this up, anything anyone wants to say or ask?" Simon asked looking at all of us, I rose my hand, "Yes Harry?", "I would just liketo say it will be great to meet you guys for real in a few weeks and I hope we all get on quite well," I smiled only looking at Rose, my heatbeat speed up just at the thought of being in the same room as her let alone being on tour and her being there for  253 days, 6072 hours, 364320 minutes, 21859200 seconds,  ever since i found out the other boys were bringing someone I counted to see how long i would be around them incase it was Rose. I cant help my feelings toward her, I feel like im obsessing over the fact of her being here, scratch that, I dont feel as if I am obsessing over it, I am.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=3 WEEKS LATER=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Today was the day that 5SOS and Rose were flying to London and we were starting the Take Me Home tour, excitement was bubbling in me as we all waited inside of Heathrow airport for the boys and Rose to walk through the gate. (((ROSE'S OUTFIT 

))) We saw the boy walk out of the gate with smiles spread across their faces, Rose wasn't following them, what if she cha

nged her mind and didn't want to come, all my negative thoughts were pushed away when the tall beautiful lavender haired girl went running out of the gate to the boys who were now snickering, probably from leaving her behind. She was wearing ripped skinny jeans, black cropped top, red flannel, a black studded beanie, white converse, aviators hanging from her shirt, light make-up, some jewlry and her hair braided to the left. She looked so beautiful, in a unique and unefforted way. "OH MY GOD ITS 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER!" Louis screamed running towards them, everyone else in the airport gave him glares and death stares, not actually knowing who we were.

The boys enveloped him in a large hug, while Rose awkwardly stood watching them, I slowly walked over to her, with every step my heartbeat rose, until I finally reached her, "Hello love, how are you?" I smiled at her, she looked up from her nails and smiled at me, "Oh hey, sorry didn't see you coming over, I'm great, long flight though. How are you?" she said her smile growing a little, "I'm great, here let me take your bag." I replied taking her rather heavy country road bag from her shoulder before she could reject. We walked over to the group of boys who were busily get to know each other, "Oi! Lads! This is Rose," I told my boys pointing behind me to Rose who was shyly cowarding behind my frame, "Hi there, Im Louis, spelt L-O-U-I-S but said Lou-y!" Louis said coming up and offering her his hand, she gladly took it and gave a firm shake, "I'm Niall! and your taller than me..." Niall said opening his arms for a hug, she gladly wrapped her arms around Niall, Rose was around 5'8 and Niall being 5'7 was just shorter then her, Niall stepped away "Hello Love, I'm Liam, It's wondrful to meet you," Liam said, his bloody charm and strong accent obviously impressing her, they shared a small hug before pulling away and turning to Zayn, "Hey, you probably already know who I am, but just incase, I'm Zayn." he smiled offering her his hand then pulled her into a hug. "Well as you already know I'm Harry, or Haz, or Hazza, or anything you want to call me." I smiled at the beautiful girl infront of me.

"Do you two know each other?" Ashton asked, jealousy slightly showing, I nodded my head before turning to Rose, she just smiled and gave a little nod, Ashton seemed to tense at the fact we knew each other. Rose obviously saw it aswell as she walked over to him and put an arm around his waist, "I was supposed to be skyping Jessie, and some how we connected and started talking." she told him, a smile spread across his face as the worry left it, "She's the reason you guys are here, She told me about how Ashton was coming home late, at first she was upset tehn became quite proud, because she thought that you guys were talking with a producer or something. She recommended you guys to me and I showed these guys and we thought you were perfect for our opening act." I said, giving her a small wink, Ashton seemed to notice and pulled her closer, I let out a small laugh before we walked to the bus outside."Harry, I can take my bag, its fine really." Rose said grabbing the strap of her bag and trying to pry it from my arm. I just laughed and moved it further up my arm, "I got it Love, seriously, dont worry about it the bus is right here."I replied climbing onto the bus, "We kind of already decided where everyone was sleeping if you dont mind," I told them as everyone got on the bus, everyone nodded their heads as we walked into the bunks.

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