A Skype Call - Harry Styles

She was from America, He was from London. He was calling his Mum, She was calling her friend when they some how crossed paths. She was Rose Dutch, He was Harry Styles. Although Rose told Harry she had a boyfriend, Harry made it his mission to make her his. Did he reach mission acomplished or does Rose go on with her normal everyday life? -Read to Find Out-


1. Chapter 1

Rose's P.O.V


I logged on to Skype and searched for Jessie's name. "Hello?" a deep British voice asked, "Uh, hi?" I asked confused, Jessie never told me she had a boyfriend. "I think we've got the wrong numbers." the voice said again, where ever he was it was dark and I couldn't see his face,"Um yea, sorry" I replied awkwardly, a flash of light came through the screen and before me sat the one and only Harry Styles, "your really pretty if you don't mind me saying," He laughed, i felt the heat rising in my cheeks we had only been talking for seconds and he says he thinks I'm cute! "thanks Harry." i laughed, i felt my phone buzz in my pocket, I pulled it out to see a message from my boyfriend Ashton, "Hey Babe, i'm working late so i cant come home till later, so don't stay up. So sorry. Love Ashton xox" i frowned, "everything alright babe?" Harry asked, i looked up forgetting i was talking to him, i let out a little laugh "Yea, just my boyfriend is working late and i haven't seen him all day," my frown grew. "Oh...I'm sorry," he frowned as jealousy seemed to take over his face, could THE Harry Styles be jealous of my boyfriend? nahhh "i didn't catch you name?" he asked changing the topic, I smiled "Rose, i'm from San Francisco," I smiled picking at my nails, "Harry from Cheshire." smirking knowing fully well that I already knew that.


"So, What does your boyfriend do that keeps him from seeing your beautiful face?" he asked, I felt the heat rising in my cheeks for yet a second time in less then 5 minutes. "He's in a band, and they had a performance tonight and usually when he's late he's with a guy from a label." I explained feeling a little proud inside, this is the 3rd time this week he has had to stay late. "Oh really what's their name?" he asked, I looked up from fiddling with the ends of my lavender dyed hair, "5 Seconds Of Summer, they're on youtube if you want to look them up. Well if you have time." I replied giving him a small smile. We continued talking for a while until we decided we were talking for quite a while and we should probably stop. "can i get your number so we can maybe talk another time?" he asked giving me a small yet hopeful smile, I nodded my head and grabbed my phone, "Okay so its, ****-***-*** (< make something up for where ever you are)" I told him, putting my phone down, he stayed silent. Suddenly my phone buzzed, I looked down and read the message:


-Thanks, hope we can talk real soon! :D -H xx


I laughed and looked up to see he had ended the chat, cheeky boy...., I stood up from my bed and walked into the kitchen to get a warm cup off tea before bed. I felt my phone buzz yet again in my pocket:


- HEY!!! add my number so we can talk more! I like talking to you! -H


I let out a small laugh before adding Harry to my contacts,


- DONE! are you guys coming to the US anytime soon? I cant remember if tickets have gone on sale, if they haven't I'll get some so I can come see you! -R xx


I sent the message and set my phone on the bench as I finished my tea. I put my phone on the charger before going to bed, alone, again.


**Next Morning**


I got up to an empty bed, Ash probably stayed with one of the boys, I thought as I walked out to the kitchen "Morning Babe" Ashton whispered in my ear coming up behind me scaring me, I let out a little laugh before grabbing my phone and checking my messages to see if Harry he replied to my text, "expecting a text or something?" Ashton laughed behind me as I quickly opened my phone, god I loved his laugh. I walked into the living room and plopped myself down on the small leather couch sitting in the middle of the room:


- Tickets already went on sale and I think they sold out, but I reckon I have a few spare, and some back stage passes that I can send to you if you want them? No charge just my gift to you -Hx


My jaw dropped, Harry was so nice. I had only spoken to him for a few hour and he was generous enough to offer tickets and back stage passes to his concert!:


- Are you serious?! Because if you are I will love you for eternity, thank you so much! I don't know how I could repay you! xxxx


He responded almost instantly


- No probs babe, anything for a sweet and beautiful girl like you! P.S I checked out 5 Seconds of Summer and me and the boys were talking to management and were going to see if we can get them to open for us on our Take Me Home tour! You may not need those ticketes after all -H


- OMG that's amazing Ashton will be ecstatic! And maybe I can fly out and see you guys if they say yes, knowing the boys all too well they most likely will say yes! This is a huge opportunity for them!


"Hey babe, can I talk to you for a sec?" Ashton asked pulling me away from my phone, "Of course!" I replied walking out to the kitchen where he was sitting, "Well this morning Harvey, our manager got a call from One Direction's management saying that we were recommended to the boys to listen  to, and so they did and they really liked us. So much that they wanted us to open for them on their tour!" he shouted jumping up and down, I ran up and hugged him. although I already knew about this from Harry, I was still over the moon when Ashton told me, the boys had been trying so hard to get out to the world and only know were they able to do that! "Come on we need to pack our bags, I asked Harvey to ask their management if you could come and they said that only if you really wanted to, and due to this mood your in now I think you do!" I said pulling me into the bedroom.


The last time I saw Ashton this happy was when I agreed to move in with him, Ashton isn't just a boyfriend to me, he's like the brother I never had, and I'm so grateful I met him.Our relationship was all thanks to the match maker himself Mr Calum Thomas Hood, His dad and my Dad were really close, that's how we met, Then he introduced me to Ashton and everything took off from there. You always know when Ashton is extremely happy, It's like he radiates, everyone around him is super happy when he is, and there is a small glimmer in his eyes that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and well, right now was one of those times.

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