Nothing's Fair in Love and War


4. Chapter 4: Under Attack

I woke up to a hot sizzling sensation on my leg. My leg was on fire. I screamed and Sherry immediately reacted. She started slapping it out. But the fire was to strong. It hurt so bad. I felt like I was dying. Colton came in from outside and he had some lake water. He dumped it on me. The fire went out and i sighted in relief. "Are you okay?" Colton said concerned. "Am fine. Actually no am not. It hurts a lot." I said rolling up my pants. It was horrible. "How could this happen?" Sherry asked studying my face. "It had to be someone. The fire only reached you." Colton said sitting in the ground. "I know what can cure it." Sherry said standing up. I turned to look at her. "There is a plant not far from here that will get you standing in no time." She said smiling. "No Sherry it's too dangerous." Colton said placing his hand on her arm. "I'll be fine Colton, hair take care of Arabella." She said packing some food and junk. "You're leaving now?" I asked furrowing my eyebrows. "I have to or your leg will only get worse." She smiled warmly at me.

I watched from the cave as Sherry disappeared. A tear rolled down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away not wanting Colton to see it. I had a bad feeling about this. What if Sherry got hurt? With the war and all. She was liable to get hurt. If not worse. Dead. Colton left and soon returned with a piece if cloth. "Here. This will stop it from getting contaminated." He said wrapping it and tying it around my injured leg. I flinched in pain. "T-Thanks." I whimpered. He grinned. "You should get some rest." He said patting my uninjured leg. I nodded and got "comfty" on the ground. I didn't fall asleep. I just stared at the wall.

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