Nothing's Fair in Love and War


1. Chapter 1: The Begining

I stood there ragged clothes and bare foot. Gunshots, bombs, and fire eveywhere. Pearcing screams that can scar you for life. People begging for help. For food. For shelter. Men protecting their family. And me there alone.

Me, along with the other thousands of people, was starving and just plain scared. And nothing ever scared me. Not horror movies nor blood. But this was just torture. Children dying. Either from the fire or weapons, or just simply getting scared to death. Yep, that's right, scared to death. It was just to much to bare.

This was World War III.

And you can probably tell I survived. Considering am writing this story to you. But I was very close to death. Dangerously close. Until I met him.

It all started with me and my mom cooking up some supper for my father who was probably driving home from work. I didn't have any siblings but I had my parents and I was quite happy. I was really popular at school. I was at my senior year. I had blue eyes and dark brown straight hair with bangs that looked black if you don't look to closely. I had plenty of guys after me but I didn't have many interests on guys at that moment. I had lots of friend but most of them just hung out with me because I was popular and they wanted to fit in. I believe I became popular because of my looks and my personality. But I think it was more of how I looked. I hated how people judge you of how you look. It just makes me mad and upset. That's why I try to be Nice to everyone. But that's kind of hard when you go to school with those jerks. Well used to go to school.

Anyway, so my dad got home and I served meatloaf, mashed potato, and corn. We laughed and talked about our day and had a normal night. It was an hour before I had to go to bed so I got into my pjs and brushed my teeth. I till had plenty of time so I said goodnight to my parents. Little did I know, that was the last time I'd ever see them. I watched TV and then fell asleep.


Boom Boom Boom. I woke up. Looked at the clock. It was four A.M. I put on some jeans and a sweat shirt and slipped on my converse. I opened the front door to many explosions and people running away. I couldn't believe my eyes. I rushed to my parents room and tried to push their door open. It was being blocked. I rushed outside. A tree had fallen on their roof and had gone right through it inside. Tears streamed down my face. A gun shot went right by me and hit the outside of the window. I got startled and screamed. I found a strong stick and I started breaking that window and got inside. I had gotten severely cut by the glass. I got inside and found both of my parents body. They were lying there. My mothers hand on the door knob. She was probably trying to get to me. I fell on my knees and started sobbing. Until I realized there was a fire. I still had a little part of me hoping that maybe my parents weren't really dead and they just passed out. I somehow got the door open and dragged my parents. The rest of the house had caught on fire. I finally gave up hope and just sat there. I wanted to die along with my parents. Reality hit me. My parents were gone. I was alone. No where to go.

"Arabella?" I heard a soft weak voice call my name. "Daddy?" I turned to see my father trying to open his eyes and stand up. I rushed to him and held onto him tightly. "Carefull." He whispered in pain. "Sorry, but where do we go." I said staring at his cut up face. "I don't know. No where is safe anymore." He said. "W-What about mom?" I said with my tears trying to escape. I blinked them back and swallowed the huge lump in my throat. My dad knew what I was thinking. There was no way mom could be alive now. She got hit by the tree and got badly burned.

I helped my dad walk outside. It was worse than I remembered. We had no place to go. But we found an abandoned shed and decided to stay there for a while. It wouldn't be long until the fire got to us but it was safe for now.

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