The Sims 3

Life has just begun, you created me and I am now yours. Your wish is my command.

The first book in The Sims 3 series.


9. the grave yard

Ok, it's almost midnight and you are taking me to the grave yard, are you trying to spook me?! What is with you people?! This is kind of creepy, and it's cold. Why did you make me leave Allicia with Him. He can't take care of her, he's a downright idiot... What is with him...

So yes there is a grave, why do you need to click on it? I don't care who died or whether someone wrote about how nice they were or not... None of that matters, all that matters is that I get back to Allicia, real soon.

Ok now why do I have Bernard Calows grave in my inventory, that is kind of weird don't you think? And now why am I taking it home, that is even weirder...

Ok we are home can I go see Allica please?! Nope you are gonna build a shed, random.... And you are making me out the grave stone in there...ok... AGHGHHHH!! W..wh..what is that?!?!? It's a!

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