The Sims 3

Life has just begun, you created me and I am now yours. Your wish is my command.

The first book in The Sims 3 series.


16. The End

This is it. I have made my decision, I know what I am going to do. My remnants can be left with Allicia and Mikail. The hope lies in them, they will remember me and all I stood for, I loved them and they knew that. They could see it in my eyes. I am sorry my children, but I can't take it anymore, there is nothing here for me anymore. You have left and now my life is empty, I am nothing.

I'm doing it, I'm reaching into my mind and finding the switch. I can see it now, when I do this there is no turning back but it's the only way. I can't take the pain anymore. There is nothing I can do. All you do with me now is send me to bed with my husband or make me watch television or get me in arguments with neighbours. I hate this, my life is pointless. Here we go, come on you can do this. Goodbye life, goodbye pain. Kids, I love you. Goodbye.

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