The Sims 3

Life has just begun, you created me and I am now yours. Your wish is my command.

The first book in The Sims 3 series.


3. neighbours

Ok so we are going to go visit the neighbours. That's nice, maybe we can have dinner?

Ok knock on the door, maybe there will be no answer?... Crikey how long do I have to wait?... Oh finally. She looks nice, your typical house wife by the looks of it. Yeah I'll come in thank you.

So dinner with Ange and Paul. Wow Ange you must have a high cooking level because the mac and cheese is really good! Wow! Ok well thankyou for dinner it was delicious. It's getting late I and better go now.

You are going to bed? Ok then Paul will show me out. So ummmm Paul where is the door? I can't remember. That's great to hear about your job but it's eleven o'clock and I really should go. Ok why are you making me talk to him? I mean he will make a great friend and all but I feel a little uncomfortable.

Don't you dare click the romance option. I swear if you do tha... Oh thanks, perfect I know where this is going. Ok this music could wake Ange, why are we dancing? Can't you see where this is going? Please, can't you see that glint in his eye?! He knows where this is going. Don't make me do this! Please!!! I like Ange and I don't want to do this please!! Seriously I don't want to get close to him! This is insane! Yes! He is leaving! No, I won't follow, you can't make me (well you can but I like to think you can't). Why on earth do they need a guest room with a double bed in this house? It's absurd. Nice joke, funny that you clicked on the bed. You better not select any of those options. Oh great now he is in the bed. Ok this is getting a bit far.. What if Ange walks in?! By the way, you might want to check my needs! I kind of have to go the toilet! Can't you see how low my mood is? I swear I will wet myself! I'm not even joking!

Why do you make me get in the bed? Well done, I've done it, I've wet the bed, all because you couldn't be bothered to let me go to the bathroom. Well that's a major embarrassment. At least he isn't in the bed anymore, he ran away haha. Can we get out of this house now? I'm tired..

Nope, your going to make me sleep in the bed that I peed in. Thankyou very much. I really do appreciate this, thank you.. (Why can't you hear the sarcasm in my voice, I swear I'm gradually hating you more and more...) if this is what you make sims do what do you do in real life? Either you're a rebel or you have no life and you are pretending to be me and doing things you would like to do... If so you are one messed up person.

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