The Sims 3

Life has just begun, you created me and I am now yours. Your wish is my command.

The first book in The Sims 3 series.


5. fun at the Spa

We are actually going to do something nice, maybe a foot massage or a back massage? That would relive the stress a whole lot. Ohhh a full body massage that is going to be relaxing thank you. You sped up the time to triple speed until it was over!! Could I please have another one?! Please!! No ok well let's leave then, it's too tempting. Well hello there, you're Derek right? The post guy? Hi I'm Melanie. Wait please let me just stop and talk! Don't make me leave... See he wants to talk to me! Wait no, you actually, you really just did didn't you? I can't believe it... Can't you see his eyes, the pain.. I hope he can see mine, I hope he can see the apology.. I hope he can realise that it wasn't me who slapped him across the face. Please no!

My mood is now at an all time low. You have broken my heart and you don't care anymore. Well you never cared in the first place... I have been your slave for three days now and in that time I have been to one guys house and two have come over to mine. Each one ended with the bed and some activity which I have not enjoyed at all, it's sick, I can see the pleasure and the lust in their eyes and it makes me want to puke. What is wrong with you?! I haven't been back to see Paul yet and for that I am glad, but I know the time is coming. It won't be long...

I hate you more than ever, you took me to Paul's, and he went all the way, he didn't stop even when his wife came in he didn't stop... You are inhumane, you are evil and I hate you.

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