The Sims 3

Life has just begun, you created me and I am now yours. Your wish is my command.

The first book in The Sims 3 series.


1. Creation

Ok, so let's get started off. Yeah ok so will I be male or female? You picked female good, now my name? Melanie, that's a nice one. Ok so body type? Moderate size, relatively strong, very nice. Now for the hair and face section...

Wow I look almost perfect! That beautiful... Hair, long and blonde. Thankyou so much! This player really is kind. Great let's move onto clothes. Sleep wear first ok... You really want to pick that provocative lacy one? Are you sure? I mean there are perfectly good pyjamas over here that are slightly less revealing.. No ok, well I guess since I'm by myself it will be ok.

Sports wear, short shorts and a crop top? Ok that's fine, it's understandable. But really the swim wear? I mean come on I would like at least a little of my body covered up, I'm practically naked...

Formal.. Wow that's one short dress, that v-neck is pretty low. You sure that looks good on me? I'm sure there is a really nice elegant one over there that would suit me better.

Finally regular clothes, surely this will be something decent. No ok, fishnet top which pretty much shows my bra off. Thank you. I really appreciate that. Because of course I want to walk round all day like this.

Ok well at least pick some nice traits... Please.. Well you have gone with flirty, great kisser, romantic. Anything useful would be nice. Maybe something I would like? What about creative or sporty. Nope ok then. Let's just get this over with...

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