The Sims 3

Life has just begun, you created me and I am now yours. Your wish is my command.

The first book in The Sims 3 series.


4. Ange's anger

Great, that has got to have been the best way to wake up, a slap to the face, and having her punch and fight me, and all of that at two am... See, this is your fault, you did this, you caused this...

Of course, you don't care, you just see a sim, but I see the pain, the hurt, the betrayal. I feel every punch, every slap. The death stares that penetrate my soul, but you, you stare at the screen and enjoy the havoc you cause. I hate you. I have decided, I hate you. I can see the look in the eyes of Paul. He blamed it on me, but there is a glint in his eyes, of evil pleasure. This isn't the last time I will be seeing him in a bedroom, and I fear the next encounter we have. As I appear outside of the house you force me to our own home. Why can't you let me live a normal life? Give me a break! Let me do something! Wait.. What are you doing? I'm on my way to a spa... Well thank you.. That is awfully nice of you.. But why? You know what, I'll stop questioning and try and enjoy this strange turn of events before the horror returns.

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