The Sims 3

Life has just begun, you created me and I am now yours. Your wish is my command.

The first book in The Sims 3 series.


7. Allicia is beautiful

Allicia is beautiful, who knew such pain could bring back such a beautiful life. I love her to pieces, but soon he is coming. And you know why he is coming? Because you invited him. You opened up my phone nd invited. Stupid idiot. Why would you do that?! Oh Great, there is the door. In he comes, please let me slap him, no I don't want to kiss him! Why do you make me! Let me slap him please! No no no, he is no picking up Allicia she is too precious and he is corrupt. Why?!

Look you made her cry! Evil! Let me snatch her away from his evil arms, thankyou, let me hold her and cuddle her. There there Allicia, it's alright.. Ssshhh.. Good ok she is asleep, do I have to put her in the cot? Fine. But now I have to talk to him.

The baby is mine and I'm keeping her I don't care wha... Woah... I thought we were supposed to be having a conversation here! Don't you dare get closer to me! This is ridiculous. I swear it is! Ok wait a second. Why on earth is Paul on one knee. This is wrong. No I will not accept that ring! I will not do it! What about Ange?! You seriously broke up for me?! Why?! I hate you both why are you so cruel?! You can't make me accept this. Please don't make me, and now the ring is on my finger and he is holding me tight, I hate this closeness - especially with him. What will the wedding be like? Everyone will see... Maybe at least I can have a white dress like maybe my dream wedding?

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