Had Me at Hello

She's just the girl behind the glasses. Your normal everyday girl trying to find her place in the world. She's shy, but has the heart of an angel, and is so kind-hearted.

He's in the biggest boy band ever. Enjoying life as it comes his way. He's cheeky and anything, but shy. He can be friendly, as long as your on his good side.

Who would have thought that a small encounter would have brought these two together? Follow them on their journey in "Had Me at Hello".

*Disclaimer: This is not at all connected or related to 'I Will Fix You'*


21. Wish He Was Here

I slowly made my way towards my car, relieved that I was finally done with all my winter finals. I decided to head home and take a quick nap before my 5 months check up appointment later today. However, when I walked through the door, I was greeted by an overly excited Vanessa. 


“Aren’t you excited!” she exclaimed, “You get to find out what you’re having today!” I walked past her to the couch.


“Yeah, I am,” I let out a sigh of relief as I laid back on the couch, releasing pressure off my feet. I slung my arm over my eyes to block out any light.


“What are you doing?” she asked.


I raised my arm a little to look at her, “Taking a nap.”


“But don’t you need to get ready?” She looked down at what I was wearing, “You’re not going in that are you?”


I scoffed, “And what’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” I sat up allowing her to sit next to me on the couch. I was currently wearing a pair of joggers and a hoodie since I didn’t feel like getting dressed fully this morning.


“You literally have stains on both your hoodie and sweats,” she laughed.


I huffed in defeat, “Fine, I’ll go change.” I sauntered down the hall to my room. I quickly changed into a pair of black leggings and an oversized yellow-brownish sweater. I slid my feet into a pair of fuzzy socks before putting on some boots.


When I stepped back out into the living room, Vanessa popped up from her spot on the couch, “Okay now we can go.”


I looked at the time on my phone, “We still have a while before we need to leave.” I really wished I could have taken a nap now, but before I could say more, she had already stepped outside. I groaned and followed her out, locking the door on my way out.


“I know, but I was hoping we could stop for something to eat ‘cause I’m starving,” she explained. I let out a soft laugh, this girl and food. We stopped for a quick bite before we made our way towards the doctor’s office.


After I checked in at the front desk, I sat next to Vanessa in the waiting area. I hopped onto Instagram and scrolled through my feed. Ever since mine and Harry’s split, I haven’t got much attention from the fans. There are still some every now and then that comment and say hi. 


Until I am able to let Harry know about my current situation, I don’t plan on posting anything on social media about it. I wish I could, but I fear that he would then find out about the baby through someone else and I don’t want that to happen. With that being said, I rarely go on Twitter and Instagram often like I used to.


I liked a few pictures before my name was called. I got up and followed the nurse, Vanessa close behind me. Once we were in the room, the nurse weighed me and measured my belly. She got my other vitals before leaving to get the doctor. While we waited, Vanessa and I chatted a bit.


“Have you gotten a hold of Harry at all,” she questioned. I just shook my head.


“All I get is his voice mail,” I shrugged my shoulders. I didn’t call often. I honestly gave up trying and just hoped he got my message about needing to discuss something important. If he did, I would hope that he would reach out and not ignore me.


“Well, he’s just being a di-” she was cut off by a knock on the door. Soon, we were met with the face of my ob/gyn.


“Hello ladies,” she smiled. She sat at the little desk in the room and looked over the notes that the nurse took. “Everything seems good. You’re measuring at a healthy size and weight,” she explained before closing the folder. “Now let’s have a look at the little one.”


I laid back and raised my sweater up to right above my stomach. After setting up the ultrasound machine, she squirted the cool gel onto the wand before placing it below my belly button. “There you are,” she whispered to herself. She moved the wand around a bit before pressing a button.


Before I knew it, the sound of my baby’s heartbeat filled the silence of the room. It brought tears to my eyes. “Wow,” I heard from beside me. Vanessa was in complete awe herself at the sound.


“The heartbeat tells me that this little one is healthy,” the doctor informed us. She moved the wand once more, “Would you like to know the gender?” I was so choked up at the moment that I couldn’t respond so I just nodded my head to let her know I did. “Well, it looks like you’re having a boy.”


At this point, I went from silent tears to a slightly ugly cry. It wasn’t loud and full on sobbing, but it wasn’t pretty either. I was so happy. I always wanted to have a boy as my first child. In that moment, I could only bring myself to say one thing, “I told you so.”


Vanessa let out a laugh, “I guess you did.” The nurse cleaned off the gel and gave me a copy of the picture she took. She congratulated me and said her goodbyes before allowing us to leave.


On the way back home, I couldn’t stop staring at the picture. I placed my hand on my baby bump and mumbled, “I can’t wait to meet you.”



I hope you like this chapter. It took me a while to finish it because I've been busy with getting things sorted out for going off to college. We are also near the end of this, so I want to make it last while I can because I think I might take a small break in between this and the sequel. I'll probably work on the sequel during that break but I won't be posting it.

Anyway, happy reading!

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