Had Me at Hello

She's just the girl behind the glasses. Your normal everyday girl trying to find her place in the world. She's shy, but has the heart of an angel, and is so kind-hearted.

He's in the biggest boy band ever. Enjoying life as it comes his way. He's cheeky and anything, but shy. He can be friendly, as long as your on his good side.

Who would have thought that a small encounter would have brought these two together? Follow them on their journey in "Had Me at Hello".

*Disclaimer: This is not at all connected or related to 'I Will Fix You'*


19. Sharing the News

After my little meltdown, I made my way up to our apartment. I pulled my coat closer to my body as a chill went down my spine. Once I was inside, I was greeted by a half awake Vanessa eating cereal while watching some show. Her head turned at the sound of the door closing behind me.

“I didn’t even know you left,” she mumbled with a mouth full. I just shook my head at her as I shrugged off my jacket. I walk off into the bathroom and splashed my face with some water to hide the fact that I was crying.

I plopped down on the couch beside Vanessa and debated on whether now would be the time to tell her. She looked over to me beside her and muted the TV. “What's up?” She asked.

I looked back at her, “What do you mean?”

She gave me a look like ‘you know what I mean’, but answered my question anyway, “I can tell when something's bothering you, so what is it?”

I decided to play dumb because I still wasn't sure if now was a good time, “Nothing. I'm good.”

“You're lying,” she pushed. I rolled my eyes and got up.

“No, I'm not,” I stalked off. I got a glass of water in the kitchen and stayed in there hoping to be left alone.

“Yes you are,” she followed behind me, “and I'm not leaving until you tell me what's wrong.”

“I'm pregnant okay!” I blurted out. She stood there shocked. “Happy now!” I was annoyed with her, yet I felt as though I was going to cry again.

A tear escaped and I quickly wiped it off my cheek. “I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you upset,” I hear her whisper from her spot by the entrance. She walked over to me and gave me a hug.

“It's okay,” I sniffed. “You would have found out sooner or later.” I explained to her everything that had happen yesterday and today. I shared my fears of telling Harry and having to possibly do this on my own.

That was a week ago. Since then, I've shared the news with my boss and discussed the future of my schooling with my teachers. I still had to tell my parents though. I've tried to get a hold of Harry, but he's been ignoring my text and calls.

I was currently working on a class project when my phone began to ring. I put my laptop to the side and answered the FaceTime call. “Hello sweetie!”

“Hi mom,” I smiled. It had been a while since I talked to my mom and with everything that's going on, I could use it now more than ever.

“How are you?” she smiled. I smiled back.

“I'm good. How's everyone back home?”

“We’re good. What have you been up to?” As she asked that, I thought now would be a good time to tell her and luckily I had the perfect plan for it.

“Oh nothing. Just school and work. Though I went shopping recently and I got you something,” I said as I began moving off my bed to grab the shirt.

“Really? What is it?” Her smile brighten at the thought of a gift. I found the shirt in a bag next to my dresser. I placed it flat on my bed.

“I think you'll like it,” I flipped the camera to reveal the shirt that read ‘best grandma ever’. I watched for her reaction as she read the shirt.

“But I don't have any grandkids,” she said confused. I turned the camera back to me and smiled.

“Surprise?” I laugh nervously. I watched as realization hit her and her eyes began to water. “Awe mom you're gonna make me cry.”

“Sorry,” she smiled. “I'm just happy for you. Congratulations.”

“Thanks. I still have to tell dad, so don't go posting it on Facebook or anything yet,” we laughed at that before we fell in a silence.

She became serious for a moment, “Does Harry know?” I could hear the hesitation in her voice as she asked the question. She was the first to know about our break up (other than Vanessa of course), so she knows that he's still a touchy subject.

“I've tried to tell him, but he hasn't answered my calls,” I admitted. She nodded and moved on from the topic. She began asking questions about my pregnancy so far and the baby before allowing me to get back to my school work.


Sorry if this seems short or boring. It's only a filler and I wrote this on my phone so I don't know how long it really is. If there are any mistakes, I apologize, but if you let me know, I'll fix them.

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