Had Me at Hello

She's just the girl behind the glasses. Your normal everyday girl trying to find her place in the world. She's shy, but has the heart of an angel, and is so kind-hearted.

He's in the biggest boy band ever. Enjoying life as it comes his way. He's cheeky and anything, but shy. He can be friendly, as long as your on his good side.

Who would have thought that a small encounter would have brought these two together? Follow them on their journey in "Had Me at Hello".

*Disclaimer: This is not at all connected or related to 'I Will Fix You'*


13. Pack Your Bags

I sat on the floor of my room surrounded by a pile of clothes. I was trying to pick out clothes for the 2 day trip to London I was going on with Vanessa. We’ll be leaving tomorrow after I get off of work.


My phone buzzes next to me and I see that it’s a text from Liam. “Everything’s a go,” it read. I thanked him and went back to packing. He had been helping me plan the surprise appearance at the concert for Harry.


Since my talk with Harry about the band’s break, I haven’t talked to him much. He’ll text me every now and then, but their very short conversations. I know he can be busy, so I’m not too worried about it. I just wish we could talk more often.


I finished packing what I needed to, and then I put away what I didn’t need. I sat on my bed and checked my email. I had a few from my teachers since I’ll be gone for lessons. I don’t have classes tomorrow, but I’ll be gone when I do. To make sure I don’t fall behind in school work, I spoke with my teachers to get the notes and assignments ahead of time.


I exited out of my emails and put my phone on its charger. I placed it on my bedside table before getting ready for bed, excited for the days to come.


Sorry for the wait. I’ve been on my toes this past couple of weeks, so I didn’t get a chance to finish this chapter. I know it’s short as well, but it’s only a filler. I will try to update again as soon as I can.

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