Had Me at Hello

She's just the girl behind the glasses. Your normal everyday girl trying to find her place in the world. She's shy, but has the heart of an angel, and is so kind-hearted.

He's in the biggest boy band ever. Enjoying life as it comes his way. He's cheeky and anything, but shy. He can be friendly, as long as your on his good side.

Who would have thought that a small encounter would have brought these two together? Follow them on their journey in "Had Me at Hello".

*Disclaimer: This is not at all connected or related to 'I Will Fix You'*


11. Ew School

It is now nearing the end of my summer vacation, so it’s time for me to head back to my home in California. As I was in the middle of packing, Brooklyn walked into my room. “Do you really have to go sissy?” she asked with tears in her eyes.

“Awe come here,” I waved her over to me. She ran into my arms and I picked her up and put her on my hip. “It’s okay. I’ll be back before you know it,” I said to calm her down. She wiped her tears as she looked up at me.

“Promise?” she sniffled. I nodded my head.

“I promise,” I kissed the top of her head and let her down. She let out a small ‘okay’ before she skipped out of my room. I smiled in her direction before I finish packing my bags. When I’m was done, I saw that I had an hour until I needed to head to the airport.

I walked down the hallway to Brooklyn’s room and I saw her playing with her dolls. I stepped inside and sat beside her, “Mind if I join you?” Her face lit up at the thought of having someone to play with.

“You can be Elsa and I’m Anna,” she clapped her hands in excitement. We sat there playing until it was time for me to leave for my flight. I gave her one last hug before I got up to say goodbye to my mom. Before I knew it, I was on a plane heading west.


Classes started back up about a week ago and I’m already over it. I’ve already gotten some papers and projects that are due in a couple of weeks which is stressing me out. At this point, I’m just thankful that this is my last year of college.

I just got home from my last class, but I got to quickly get ready for a paid internship at a recording studio I got a few days ago. I took my hair down from its messy bun and put it up into a ponytail instead. Then I switched out of a basic t-shirt into a forest green blouse. I left the pair of jeans I was wearing on and found a pair of black flats to go with the outfit. I decided to keep my glasses on rather than put in my contacts and headed out the door.

I greeted my boss as soon as I got there and instantly went to working. I sorted through music files and sit in on recording sessions for a couple of hours. Because I am just an intern, I was limited to very little work. Once I’ve been here for a while, I will get to help out more in the studios. When I got my degree in music production, I will eventually have a job here as a music producer. At least, that’s what I was told, so I’m hoping it’s true.

The session I was sitting in was coming to an end, which meant that it was time for me to leave for the day. I gathered up my belongings before heading home. By the time I got home, it was about six at night.

As I was unlocking the door to my apartment, my phone began to ring. I looked down at the screen as I walked through the doorway to see that it was a facetime call from Harry. I answered it as I set my purse down on the kitchen counter.

I began to look for something to eat as I waited for the call to connect. I pulled some leftover spaghetti when I heard a muffled ‘hello’ in the background. I looked at my phone and smiled, “Hey.”

“Hey babe, how are you?” he asked with a dimpled smile.

“Oh you know, the usual. Tired and hungry,” we laughed. “What about you?” I placed some spaghetti on a plate before putting it in the microwave.

“Tired as well. Hoping to be able to sleep soon,” he sighed. I looked at the time and did the math in my head.

“Poor thing. Isn’t it about 8 where you are?” I questioned. He let out a small yawn.

“Yeah. We’re almost in Chicago, so I don’t have to wait much longer,” he explained. The microwave beeped signaling that my food was ready. I grabbed it along with a fork and headed into the living room. I find a note on the coffee table from Vanessa saying that she was at her boyfriend’s and won’t be back tonight.

Harry and I talked about our days for a while before he brought up a new topic. He cleared his throat, “Um… There’s something I actually wanted to talk to you about.” I swallowed the small amount of spaghetti noodles that were in my mouth before replying.

“Yeah?” I was curious what it was.

“Well…” he began.



Here's the next update. You'll have to wait until next time to see what he has to say. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. 

A little life update. I only have one week of school left, then three days of finals and that's it for the year, so I'm almost on summer break. Also, my mom had my little sister three weeks ago and she's so stinking cute! Here's a picture of her:

Until next time! 

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