Had Me at Hello

She's just the girl behind the glasses. Your normal everyday girl trying to find her place in the world. She's shy, but has the heart of an angel, and is so kind-hearted.

He's in the biggest boy band ever. Enjoying life as it comes his way. He's cheeky and anything, but shy. He can be friendly, as long as your on his good side.

Who would have thought that a small encounter would have brought these two together? Follow them on their journey in "Had Me at Hello".

*Disclaimer: This is not at all connected or related to 'I Will Fix You'*


7. Day in the Studio

Harry goes back on tour in a few days, so we have been spending most of our time together. Lately he has been staying over at my place, and sometimes I’ll stay with him at the hotel he’s staying in at the moment.


Today, he has to go into the studio to record music for their next album. I got up before him and decided to make a small breakfast before we left. As I was cooking, I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. “What’s cookin’ good lookin’?” I heard him joke.


I let out a laugh, “That was horrible.” He laughed along with me. “Anyway, I’m making some chorizo and eggs,” I continued as I finished cooking. I placed some of the eggs on plates and set them on the table. I went back into the kitchen to grab us drinks, and when I came back, Harry had already started eating.


“This is really good babe,” he mumbled in between bites. I placed his cup in front of him, shaking my head.


“I’m glad you think so,” I smiled. We quickly finished our breakfast and began getting ready. As Harry took a shower, I got dressed. I changed into a tan button down, a pair of denim jeans that had tears in them, and put on some brown combat boots. 


By the time I was done getting dressed, Harry had finished showering and began getting dressed himself. “Looks like someone’s trying to steal my look,” he commented. 


“Yeah, but who wore it best?” I jokingly asked as I started doing my hair. I brushed through it and left it down in its natural waves/curls. 


“You obviously,” he replied, now fully dressed in a similar outfit to mine. He walked over and placed a kiss on my cheek, wrapping his arms around my waist again. “I love it when you wear your glasses,” he whispered as I slid them on.


“Thanks,” I smiled. I turned in his arms and placed a quick peck on his lips, “We should go before you’re late.” 


He let out a little whine, “But I just want to stay here, with you.” I laughed at his childish whimper, shaking my head.


“Well, the boys need you and I’ll be there with you.” I stepped away from his grasp and grabbed my phone, along with my purse. “You ready?” I questioned.


He nodded,”Yeah, let’s go.” We left my apartment and made our way to the studio. When we got there, Liam was the only one there already. Shortly after we arrived, Niall showed up, followed by Louis.


Harry was first to record his part. "I got fire for a heart, I'm not scared of the dark," he sang. As he continued to record, I talked to the rest of the group. 


Once Harry was finished, Liam recorded his section next. "What song is this?" I asked Harry, but Niall answered instead. 


"It's Drag Me Down, a song of our next album," he replied. I nodded in response. I listened as Liam sang his part. 


"All my life you stood by me when no one else was even behind me." By the time the rest of the lads had finished recording their parts, I was humming the tune. 


"Looks like someone's a fan of the song," Louis joked. We all laughed at that. 


"Can you blame me?" I smiled, "It's a great song." Once we were done joking around, the guys started working on some other songs for their fifth album. 


After a long day in the studio, we all went our separate ways. Harry and I decided to get some Chinese take out and rented Pitch Perfect 2. When we got back to my place, we just chilled out for the rest of the night. 




I was finally able to finish this chapter. It might not be that good since I don't know what really happens in the studio, but this is fiction so who cares? Am I right? 


Anyway, I hope you like it. I don't know when the next one will be up though. 


Outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/studio_time/set?id=174791156

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