Fredward the Squirrel and other short stories

Just some violent humorous short stories


4. the detective

The mystery started when I woke up to see that the last cookie in the cookie jar was gone and in its place was a few crumbs. I started by questioning all the members of the household but to no avail, my wife and 3 kids denied eating it and no hard evidence could pin it on them or the family dog. So, I looked for more clues in the kitchen. All the crumbs were in the cookie jar unless they had been cleaned up. I knelt next to the counter but saw no clean spot or evidence that the counter was cleaned.

    With not enough evidence to blame anyone I decided to put up a security camera  and put a new cookie in the jar and wait until tomorrow. The next morning the cookie was gone so i looked at the recording and I couldn’t believe my eyes! I saw ME going into the cookie jar and eating the cookie! So I guess that mystery is solved but the next morning the last donut in the box had disappeared and in its place was a smudge of frosting. So I thought to myself, I hope I though it tasted good!   

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