Chasing the Stars *COMPLETED*

Renee was a dreamer. That's why she went to New York where she stays with her 3 best friends Tyler, Danny and Lily. Together they are unstoppable. Follow these 4 teenagers through the laughter and the tears.

This is a story that I am writing for school, I thought I would share it with you guys!!! Enjoy!! XOXO ~Sarah


6. #6

      Two days later, Lily still hadn’t come back. We were all worried sick, calling hotels, the place where she auditioned the other day, everywhere we could think of. It was starting to look as if Lily had left New York entirely.


      Another two days passed and still no word from Lily. All three of us were a wreck. I couldn’t stop crying, even when I thought I was out of tears to cry, there were still more. Tyler and Danny switched off roles. One would stay with me while the other would go out looking for her.

       On the fifth night, the phone rang. We all rushed toward it. I put the phone up to my ear. “Hello?” I asked, hoping with all my heart that it was Lily.

      “Renee? Is that you? You sound different over the phone.” my heart leaped with joy and I gave the guys, who were sitting there eagerly, a thumbs up sign. We all breathed a sigh of relief.

      “Lily, where have you been? We’ve been worried sick.” I ask

      “I’m really sorry about running out like that. I was just frustrated. I drove away and got myself lost. No surprise there right? So I kept driving, looking for something familiar and now I am out of gas in the middle of nowhere. I have no clue how to get home. It’s dark and cold and the closest gas station is ten miles away. I can’t walk that far.” she sounded so helpless.

      “Hold on Lily, let me see if the guys know what to do.”

      I explained Lily’s situation to Tyler and Danny. Danny suggested calling the police. Tyler was no help at all. He just shrugged his shoulders.

      After about an hour of trying to figure out how to rescue Lily, we decided to just drive out and look for her. We had no idea where she was. The only landmark she could give us was a big green sign that read “Exit 57 in 2 miles.” Danny said that he knew where exit 57 was. All three of us gathered into Danny’s car and drove.


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