Chasing the Stars *COMPLETED*

Renee was a dreamer. That's why she went to New York where she stays with her 3 best friends Tyler, Danny and Lily. Together they are unstoppable. Follow these 4 teenagers through the laughter and the tears.

This is a story that I am writing for school, I thought I would share it with you guys!!! Enjoy!! XOXO ~Sarah


5. #5

      When Lily arrived back at the apartment, the guys were in the living room watching the t.v. I was in my room (It’s not really my room, more like the room that I’m sharing with Lily) going over a new dance routine that I had just made up.

      I heard Lily yelling, so I went to the living room to see what was wrong. “I am not your mother, do you think that I like working all day and coming home to two teenage boys, who are perfectly capable of cooking their own meals, and having to cook and clean up after you. I am your friend, not your maid.” she storms out of the apartment, slamming the door hard behind her. I stepped into the room, sitting in between the guys on the couch.

     Tyler looked blown away, Danny looked as if he could burst into tears at any moment. We were all taken aback, Lily had always been the sane one in our group. The one that always calmed us down when we were upset.

     “Should we go find her?”Danny asked quietly, breaking the silence of the room.

    “No, she’ll come back. We just need to let her cool off.”

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