Chasing the Stars *COMPLETED*

Renee was a dreamer. That's why she went to New York where she stays with her 3 best friends Tyler, Danny and Lily. Together they are unstoppable. Follow these 4 teenagers through the laughter and the tears.

This is a story that I am writing for school, I thought I would share it with you guys!!! Enjoy!! XOXO ~Sarah


4. #4

      Later that day I was in one of the parks. A less, crowded place. That’s kind of hard to find in New York. The guys were tossing the football around in the field, while I sat on the ground watching them. Tyler threw the ball to Danny, who stumbled backward. Tripping on something and hitting the ground. Tyler came over and said something to him. I couldn’t tell if he was hurt, so I made my way over, only to find them laughing like children.

      “You guys scared me. I really thought you were hurt.” I said  jokingly, but Danny's face became serious.

      "Sorry, we didn't mean to." I smile giving him a hug.

      "It's okay Danny, I was just joking." He smiles, getting embarrassed

       "Let's go home," Tyler pipes up "Thats enough sunshine for today." He starts walking toward the edge of the park leaving Danny and I alone. When Tyler is out of earshot, I turn toward Danny.

       "Are you okay?" I ask and he replies with a simple nod of the head "Are you sure? You've been acting weird all day.”

       "Are you guys coming?" Tyler calls from the other side of the park. He was obviously annoyed that we were taking so long, he never had been patient.

       "You go ahead, we'll catch up." Danny calls chuckling at his impatience. "I'm fine Renee. Just tired, I didn't get much sleep last night."

       I nodded even though I knew that he was lying. After all these years I've known him, you'd think he'd realize that I can tell when he's keeping things from me.


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