Chasing the Stars *COMPLETED*

Renee was a dreamer. That's why she went to New York where she stays with her 3 best friends Tyler, Danny and Lily. Together they are unstoppable. Follow these 4 teenagers through the laughter and the tears.

This is a story that I am writing for school, I thought I would share it with you guys!!! Enjoy!! XOXO ~Sarah


3. #3

      When I woke up the next morning, Danny was the only other person up. I only knew that because I heard him in the living room, strumming away on his guitar. I sat at the kitchen table listening to him. He had no clue that I was there, if he did he wouldn’t be playing. He only plays when nobody is watching.

      He was really good, I don’t know why he wanted to hide this part of himself. His fingers ran over the strings. I watched from the doorway. He head bent to look at his fingers. We were there for a good fifteen minutes, every so often mumbling about messing up or trying to figure out the next note that he should play.

      Then he started singing. It was a song that I had never heard before. “You’re really good.” I exclaim stepping into the room and sitting next to him. His face grew so red and he placed the guitar on the floor beside the couch.

      “Yeah well I’ve been working on it for a few months now. Did I wake you?” he asks changing the subject quickly. I decide to let it go. Knowing how sensitive he is.

      “No, I guess I’m not used to not having to wake up so early any more.” I let out a nervous laugh, but he doesn’t say anything. We sit there in silence, both of us lost in thought,  me thinking about back home in Kentucky, him thinking about who knows what.

       I hear rustling in the kitchen and I make my way into the room sitting at the table. “Good morning Lily.”

      “What’s so good about it? she mumbles under her breath, turning to grab the milk from the refrigerator.

      “You never were a morning person.” I exclaim, watching her pour the milk over the froot Loops in her bowl.

      “I never was and I never will be.” she complains, putting the lid back on the carton and shoving it back onto the shelf.

      “Then why did you get up so early?” I ask, taking the wrapper off of a pop tart that I found in one of the cupboards.

      “I have an audition for a play. I have to be there in an hour.” she sits down at the table across from me. “What are your plans for today?” she asks starting to become more awake

      “I was thinking about going exploring. I’ll probably drag the guys along. They need to get away from that screen. She nods in agreement, wiping her face with a napkin.


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