Chasing the Stars *COMPLETED*

Renee was a dreamer. That's why she went to New York where she stays with her 3 best friends Tyler, Danny and Lily. Together they are unstoppable. Follow these 4 teenagers through the laughter and the tears.

This is a story that I am writing for school, I thought I would share it with you guys!!! Enjoy!! XOXO ~Sarah


1. #1

      I sat quietly on the bench. My legs crossed, a book in my hands and two suitcases at my side. I shivered against the wind, tugging the zipper of my jacket a little further up.

      At the time I was only seventeen, just graduated from high school, on my way to New York with dreams that were way over my head. I had a few high school friends that I was going to stay with. They were a year older than me and already had an apartment. It wasn’t the biggest apartment, but it would work.

       The bus pulled up and I slipped the book into my bag. I stopped at the top of the steps and handed the driver a few crumpled up bills from my jean pockets. “New York please.” I exclaimed. He nodded and I heard the sound of hissing as the doors closed behind me. I stumbled toward the back of the bus, tripping over people’s feet in the aisle.

      When I was five years old my mother signed me up for dance classes. At the time I was too young to fully grasp the motions. But as I grew older I began to learn the steps and it all made sense to me. Growing up, dancing was my stress reliever. Whenever I was feeling depressed, I would lock myself in my room and put my headphones in, letting my feet carry me away.

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