Some Perfect Model

Perfect model Rachelle Myers is perfect - looks, money, etc. She is practically a perfect human, and she isn't afraid to show it.


1. London

After the Paris runway show, Rachelle leaned her head into the jet windowpane as it flew over the whole country of France. Her schedule was super jam-packed, with a shoot in London for Vogue, photo shoot for Christian Dior in Seoul, and an interview in Milan. She was totally drained, especially since the only thing she had for breakfast was a little bit of a Caesar salad, and a lemon wedge. Her agent, from Next Models Management, had assured her that a Thai dinner would be ready for her in London, England. That, though, was many hours ago, and Rachelle's stomach grumbled like the way it did when she hungered for Noah Mills' turkey sandwich he ate at the models-only banquet.

Once she was safe in London, she waited patiently for the white limousine to pick her up, and drop her at the Sri Thai City restaurant. She checked the GUESS rose gold tone watch, (a gift from Samantha Hoopes) which had read 4:45 p.m. Now, her agent was late. In about 24 minutes, the limo had driven right in front of her Marc Jacobs colored-feet. "Get in, I have to get you there pronto," Miles, her driver, had barked. Rachelle climbed in. "Are you excited about Seoul and Milan?" He asked as he stared in the rearview window. "I guess, but it's all too much, if you think about it. I mean, first I'm in Europe, then I'm hopping to Mexico, and after that I'm probably in Southeast Asia, and then Europe again, but it's modeling. It's what I breathe," She sighed.

"Dah-ling, you look absolutely beautiful, once again. So, how much more appealing have you gotten?" Louis, her fab agent stretched his arms to get his cup of sangria. Rachelle's usually brown cheeks turned deep red. "Anyway, the shoot is tomorrow. Get ready, dah-ling. Vogue will adore you," He assured. I bit my lip. "Vogue UK is amazing. They're soo fashion-forward. Also, you get to meet Vogue U.S. editor Anna Wintour. She's actually a good friend." He smiled.

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