Adopted.....BY WHO....

Hello my name is Electra Black , my middle name is black because my mum have it to me , I am an orphan ....I'm 17 I'm friendly caring other things and love helping .... Will I get adopted never know ? to find out x


12. Tour!

~~Electra's POV~~


I woke up cuddled up to Zac on my bed ... Mum and dad probably took me up in bed ...I think my dad does  like him but he doesn't show it... I quietly got up and got dressed into this : 

I went downstairs and saw a 14 years old girl holding Zayn's hand .... I said " Morning everyone". They all said " Morning Electra". The little girl looked at me frightened and I said " Who is this Zayn? She looks sweet". I smiled he said " This is my baby sister her name is Amelia and she is going on tour with me because Uncle Si said I can". He hugged her and I got jealous because she is going to ruin my life I know it because the way she is staring at me.


I went to the kitchen I made something for Daniel and walked out while shaking the bottle and I went upstairs ....Opened the door I saw Zac already Playing with Daniel and I sat on his lap while I was feeding Daniel ... He finished his bottle wow he was very hungry .... I walked back and forth while patting his back gently and finally he burped and I got him dressed .... but as soon I stopped Zac saw that and he continued changing him and I was sick into the toilet.


I walked out and I needed to change into my pyjamas today... I walked into my room took a shower and wore some warm pyjamas : 


I got under the covers and checked everything my temperature is 43.9 c that was really high and I just got under the cover and tried and warm myself I turned on my electronic heater with the remote and it started to heat up and I started to get really tired and I lied down and fell asleep in the warmness. ..


~3 Hour's later~


I woke up and saw Zac at the door with chicken soup I think and I couldn't talk because my throat really hurt and he started feeding me the soup and I couldn't smell anything because I had a blocked up nose and after he finished feeding me he gave me pills for my depression and then one for my headache ,,,, I fell asleep while Zac was messing with me hair.


~~Zac's POV~~


I thought I would make her some chicken soup I told the boy's that Electra didn't feel well but I think they did hear me so I shouted it and they all turned and heard me then ... They were worried about her when  said she was sick ...they all ran to her room and hugged her .. I fed her and she fell asleep on my lap... Oh how I missed her when I left I love her so much much I might propose to her on a special date .... I will just as my mates and her friends to help me with the perfect date. 


I rang up my friends and told them the plan then got her phone and rang all the girls ...Told them that this is Zac and I am using her phone .... told them she is very ill but if she gets better the special date is going to be tomorrow and I have to make her wear white beautiful dress that I bought her she will love it I hope .... I went to Daniels room and rocked him back and forth so he could fell asleep.


~1 hour later~


Finally I got Daniel to sleep I will be in his room tonight so just in case he wakes up crying and Electra is to ill to look after him so I will .... I got into my pyjamas and fell a sleep on the couch in Daniels room : 


I than fell asleep...


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