Adopted.....BY WHO....

Hello my name is Electra Black , my middle name is black because my mum have it to me , I am an orphan ....I'm 17 I'm friendly caring other things and love helping .... Will I get adopted never know ? to find out x


13. Tour Pt 2

~~Liam's POV~~ 


I woke up and I looked at the time we must be up before 7 am because today we are going on tour and I don't know what to do with Electra I am worried about her but I got an amazing girlfriend that I love also I think Harry is still loving Electra but I heard her screaming at Harry probably because he is being over protective over her boyfriends and I saw Electra  and Zac also Daniel sleeping last night on the couch. I went to have a shower .... I finished packing yesterday .... I wore my batman shirt and black skinny jeans and black boots ... I went to the other boy's room and I saw them all ready also the suitcases ready ... we took them downstairs and waited to say goodbye to Electra ... we ate our breakfast.


~~Electra's POV~~


I woke up and saw what time it is and I knew that mum and dad also the rest of the boy' are going on tour ... I quickly but quietly not to wake Zac up went to the bathroom had a shower/business , and wore this : 

I went downstairs and nobody was up yet so I thought I make them breakfast but not for Amelia she can make it her own because she seems nice but I don't trust her ..... They are all came down and ate the breakfast and Dad said " This is lovely baby girl... Thank you be good no parties ok.... Boys was this the best breakfast". Then Niall looked at me and blushed and I blushed as well.. I looked down and I said " Well have fun ... because I got a model shoot today so Zac is coming with me with Daniel to my job then going to my high school for prom an my bullies will be there because we have to wait 2 years for a prom ... I got a phone call yesterday". They nodded and everyone hugged me but Amelia didn't and she wore this : 

I loved her shoes but should be different colour than pink I hate that colour I hugged all of them and e had a big group hug and they left and I waved goodbye and off they went to America ... Oh I am NOT going to miss them ... I am all alone I might ring up to my friends with there boyfriends to sleep over before I could go and get phone I heard a knock on the door and saw all my friends and there boyfriends got all the sleeping bags .... as well they got there cars but we can take the van ... I looked at the time and I said " Hurry up guys .... Zac get Daniel and guys just dump you bags into the living room and let's go to my modelling shoot.


I got into the van and waited finally they came out and I saw Zac closing the door with the key and came into the passenger seat with Daniel and kissed both cheeks Zac and Daniel's I started driving quiet fast but not that fast.... 


~Skip Van Ride~


I got out quickly and throwed the keys to close the car to Lola and she nodded .... she locked it ... I took of my heels and ran up the stairs ... I shouted " SORRY I AM LATE LOST TRACK OF TIME". They nodded and I went to change into the bikini : 

I went over to the make-up artist and she finished my make-up and now she was doing my hair she straightened it and gave me my glasses and The boy's was gob smacked and smirked .... I took several pictures and I went over and I choose the best one ... I choose one laying on the floor and one looking at the floor ...  That's the two photos I am sending to my boss who is in America where One Direction is ..... I went back and got changed again into my winter make-up and she left my hair how it was  but she changed my make-up to all black and I wore this next : 

I did the same routine ... I then had to choose 3 pictures that where really good and I chosen them already  .... went back got changed into my spring outfit  and she kept my make-up and hair :

I did the poses but this time I got a text saying from my boss that for the spring one she just wanted one picture and I chosen the really best one .... this time my make-up and hair artist did my hair curly and into a pony tail and really light brown make-up and I went to change into my summer outfit and this was my finally shoot ... then I could go home finally : 

I loved this outfit .... I went did the shoot .... chosen the pictures and I kissed both cheeks and said thank you to my make-up artist and for the hair .... got changed into  my own outfit ... we went home and went to bed.


~Amelia's POV~


I love my big brother but I don't understand why Electra hates me I haven't done anything and I am not going to ruin her life ... maybe she is like that she is older and she hates them before meeting them ... but thank god that she has a family I remembered when we were little we were friends but then her parents died and she only lived with me for 2 weeks and went to the orphan and finally she got adopted by One Direction and I said to Zayn and everyone else " I know who Electra is ... she was my best friend before because she lived with me for 2 weeks then she got sent to the orphan". Then Louis spoke up inside the tour bus because we had our own bus driver"What happened to Electra's mum and dad?". "Promise not to tell her because she will hate me and I promised her not to tell anyone ... have you seen the scars that was from self harming because she was at school and a police man came and told Electra that her parents were died she started crying and it was mothers day and fathers day let say on the same day and well people kept asking her and they said "What did you get for your mum and dad" then she said "Rose" and they kept calling her dad gay". I said and Zayn looked sad he said " That was terrible". "I haven't finished and that's when she started cutting by bullies .... ok lets have fun".


I told them the story I hope they don't say anything to Electra because if they do I am going to kill them not actually kill them .... I know Louis will because he is a blabber mouth ... I fell asleep listening to the song Electra put on my phone her singing heart attack by Demi Lovato xx 


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