Adopted.....BY WHO....

Hello my name is Electra Black , my middle name is black because my mum have it to me , I am an orphan ....I'm 17 I'm friendly caring other things and love helping .... Will I get adopted never know ? to find out x


8. Sneaking out !! Going Clubbing x

~~Electra's POV~~


I went into the shower and did my business ... I done my hair up into a nice push up hair and I did my make-up proper black I went inside my walk in closet and chose this to wear : 

I opened my door and checked everything is switch off ... I saw that everything was off but it wasn't the living room door was open and so was Niall's room open and he could see everything right now he was playing his guitar and I took my house keys and my phone .. I locked my bedroom door and opened the window and saw Amber...Abbie...Lola and Alexa also Zac with Matt..Jamie..Mason and lastly Luke .... I put a ladder and walked down it and I was about slip but Zac court me and he put me down and my friends and Zac's friends went a head and we couldn't catch up so we started walking slow and Zac stopped and I looked and I stopped and he said " Electra come with me please". I got hold of his hand and we went down an Ally way and we kept walking.


We have arrive at the party and saw the guys dancing as well and I looked at Zac and he went to get our drinks and this guy came over and he was right in front of me and he was quiet tall and I could smell the Alcohol and I pushed me and he pushed me against the wall and I yelped in pain and he started kissing me I kicked him the balls and kneed him the stomach and everyone stop and looked but Zac was to busy flirting with a girl.... He came over and I got hold his arm and twisted and throwed him across the room ... I felt really dizzy and I saw Abbie sober but all my friends were really and I fainted ...everything went black.


~~Abbie's POV~~


We were already at the party we were having fun , until I saw Zac and Electra not talking and not holding hands and I told the guys and I kept watching and this guy came over to her and everyone stopped and heard the yelp and then they kept fighting but then the guy stood up and ran away .... Electra hold her forehead and she fainted I court her and I called an ambulance and they will be here in 5 mins and I saw Zac trying push the girl away and Matt went and pushed her and Zac came and said " What happened to Electra Abbie?". "Oh I don't know....That's right you left her and this guy pushed her against the wall and she yelped in pain and then she stopped then fainted I don't now what happened"? I said to him and he carried her outside and stroke her hair and kissed her lips she fluttered her eyes open but couldn't move.


~~Electra's POV~~


Everything was dark but then I felt a warm pare of lips on my lips and I opened my eyes a  bit and it was Zac , I put my hand on his cheek and whispered " I'm ok baby". "Electra your not fine ... I'm sorry I left you alone ... will you be my girlfriend?". I looked at him shocked because he asked me to be his girlfriend and I nodded and he we kissed passionate and the ambulance came and took me away but Zac got a ride with and off we were going to the hospital.   

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