Adopted.....BY WHO....

Hello my name is Electra Black , my middle name is black because my mum have it to me , I am an orphan ....I'm 17 I'm friendly caring other things and love helping .... Will I get adopted never know ? to find out x


10. Premier with One Direction and Little Mix! 5 MONTHS LATER x




~~Electra's POV~~


I woke by the smell of breakfast cooking ... I hope it is Liam cooking and I checked the time and read 12:35 pm wow did I sleep that long .... I brushed my hair and made it into a fish tail plat and washed my face and applied my make-up ... I will get dressed after and I went downstairs and saw all the faces gob-smacked and I said " What you staring at? Lous you have a girlfriend so do you Zayn and Dad I can't really say anything because he is married". I giggle and ate my breakfast and washed the plate... I went upstairs and mum should be here about 1 pm I do miss mom sometimes I will introduce my mom now. 


My Mum : 

This is a picture of my Mom what she sent to Harry but then he sent it to before.... so then I got a memory of my Mom I can't wait  to see her... I went upstairs and changed for the Premier this what I wore :  

I went downstairs and waited for the boy's to come .... I got my phone out because it vibrated and I looked at the message it was from Zac it said :


From : Zac


Hey could you come now please x


To : Zac 


Ok x


I put my phone away and I just shouted to the boy's " I BE BACK IN A SEC JUST GOING TO SEE ZAC". I heard them shouting OK's from the bedrooms  ... I started walking to Zac's house it was only a couple doors down and I knocked but no answer and an older said " Are you looking for Zac?". "Yes have you seen him?". I said I came closer the old lady and she said "Yes hun he moved to America". I nodded and I was about leave but she said before I left " Wait are you Electra... he left this for you ...I'm sorry Electra and he is sorry as well". I nodded and started walking and reading the letter it said this : 


To/ Electra 

I'm sorry I didn't say this before ...I was a jerk and I feel so guilty what happened

at the club...I am a dick ...I love you and never forget that I am so sorry that I didn't

tell you in person but I couldn't I didn't want to see your pretty face be upset and lot.. I know

your probably reading and crying I wish I was there to hold you and comfort you and my neighbour probably told you this I moved to America ....well that's it for my to tell you I am really sorry for leaving you with no explanation that's why I didn't tell you because my mum didn't want to upset you or did I as well well hope you forgive me sometime if we see each other and I am again so so so sorry I love you baby girl goodbye xxx


Love Zac xx 

I finished reading the letter and I put it in my bag .....I did feel tears coming but I didn't cry ...Yes I am angry but he is so caring he wrote this letter not to make me upset oh well hope we can see each other so that's it I am single and ready to mingle again. I went back home and we got the rest of little mix but I didn't talk and we was on the red carpet and I walked really fast I bumped into Justin Bieber and I blushed said " I am so sorry ... I should of watch where I was going". I didn't let him answer and I saw the table said One Dirction and little Mix I sat down and I was on my phone and saw a text from Lola saying : 


From Lola :


Hey I know but we knew Zc was going to America but I didn't know I just found out from my boyfriend as well I am so sorry .... Would you like to come to Starbucks tomorrow babes. 


I texted back : To : Lola


......Erm  no thanx I might stay at home ok maybe next time ... sorry babes ,, say sorry to the girls as well  bye.


I put my phone away and I got up and walked out to get some fresh air and I saw my friends with the mum's and dad's and I quickly went in and sat down and all of them looked at me weirdly ... One Direction and Little Mix won the awards I was happy we ate and had drinks but I didn't habe anything I didn't even eat my food I passed it to Niall and finally it was time to go home .... I got up quickly and went into the boot of the van because I just wanted to go home and go to sleep I wish Mom was here. 


We got home finally and the light is on in the living room and I rushed inside and saw my mom ... I ran hugged her and started crying and she took me upstairs and I cried and said " I-I-I h-h-had a boyfriend but he g-g-gone m-m-move to A-A-America". " Shhh baby cakes calm down ... he will come back ... now get out the dress and go to bed ok". I nodded and got into my batman pyjamas again and went to bed and took all my make-up off and left my hair like it was. I was out like a light. 


~~Next Morning~~


I heard my phone going off so I looked at it ... it was the Alexa calling me and Zac at the same time and I switched off my phone completely off..,, I coulsn't be bothered I was not talking to anyone not even Perrie and Jade there are my faves I just sat in the living room and saw my and Zac I turned of he TV off and Slammed the remote to the floor and made a big bang and the boy's and girls also my mum came ./.... I went to the kitchen and got a bag of Oreo's  I love and a glass of milk..


I went back upstairs, I am not going to have some shit talk with my parents and the boy's but I think mum told dad and the boy's it has already been 5 months now since I last heard from Zac... me and my best friends still keeping strong. I opened the balcony door .. Got my blanket and sat on the chair ...I started eating my Oreo's  .....I thought to myself I should get out  soon but nobody cares anymore ...I might apply to be a model.


I got finally dressed into this : 

I walked downstairs and I asked for my mum and I said " Mum ... your a model right... could you come to were you work and apply with me because I wanted to a model for the rest of my life". she nodded and got her jacket and we started driving. 


~Skip Car Ride~


We have arrived at a really tall building and she said to the Lady " Appointment with Ms.Love  my model boss ... here to see her with my daughter". I looked around and saw cute boy's looking at me and I smiled and nodded and mum grabbed my hand and we went down the hall and turned left ... we took a seat it was our turn next ...She said very politely " Hello come in please and Hello Luzzie what brings you here on your day off?". I cut my mum off said " Well I am here... erm I want to be a model like my mum here I wanted to be a model since I was 3 years old I tried all my mangers dresses in the orphans .... That's why I wanted to be a model". she nodded and wrote the notes and she typed it into the computer and smiled and she said happily " You got the job .... you start today and you only get 10 mins break ok go and do your make up and dress different ok .. you be doing ... winter ... summer ... spring then everyday you be doing the same but in a different order thank you and the studio is on your right second door thank you and hope you enjoy any problems come to me and we will sort everything". I shaked her hand and so did my mum ... we left the office.  


We went to the studio first I met all the people they were very nice and I met the photograph he was French and he was very funny and every young ... I got changed into my winter outfit this is how it looked like : 

They did my make up as well .... I went to shoot stuff I made serious poses and funny ones and sexy ones ... I repeated them with my different clothes as well. 


Got changed again into Summer : 

Then when I finished the summer one I wore the spring : 

Same poses and lastly got dressed into my party outfit ... they did my hair and make-up arty outfit : 

I finally finished and it was time to go home ... I put my outfit for tomorrow as well ... I put my own outfit and my mum went home early because she was feeling well ... I could she was pregnant I am so exited ... I started walking home and finally arrived home and went upstairs and slept..


Hope you liked this chapter ....Sorry if I skipped some Months... Like Comment and  Favourite ...



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