Adopted.....BY WHO....

Hello my name is Electra Black , my middle name is black because my mum have it to me , I am an orphan ....I'm 17 I'm friendly caring other things and love helping .... Will I get adopted never know ? to find out x


14. IT'S TOO HOT!!

~~Louis's POV~~


We were in America and Amelia was fast asleep on Zayn and he was holding her like a baby becuase he doesn't want anything to happen to her like Electra but I think Electra is doing fine .... At the moment I do not hab have Girlfriend I am just waiting for the right one to come my way .... I went to check on Harry becuse after we left he has been worried and Luzzie couldn't do anything to calm him down ... I entered his bedrom becuase Luzzie and Harry have different bedrooms he was crying and I went over and hugged him .... I going to give Electra  a call too make him happy ... he looked up and said in a crocky voice"I miss Electra ...I want to go back". I shook my head as you can't go ... he started crying.


I clicked Electra's name and it rang... Ring.....Ring....Ring


On the third ring she picked up and I said : 


L= Hey Electra ow are you and how is the house?


E= It's fine and I am following the rules no parties had happened but I miss dad it is not the same without him here Louis ....may I speak to him please.


L= Acutally I been calling you ... so you could talk to your dad he has been crying because he misses you very much ... I pass him to you now.


E= oK THANX Louis....


L= Hello baby girl ....How are you? I miss you how would you like to come on tour but in a different bus with our friends and yes with Zac..


E= OMG Dad that would be great when and what time will the bus be here.


L= It will be here today at 12:00 pm ok so get packing beause I will be ringing now ok love you bye.


E= Bye Daddy ...Thank you love you.


(End of phone conversation)


I gave  phone call to the other tour bus we have and he said he will happily take ym daughter on the tour bus with her friends and he understands how I am feeling now becuase she is my baby gir and she is a daddy's little gir .... I can't wait to see her .... I got up and all the boy's and Luzzie also Amelia wre sitting in the living room and I said " Got good news ... Electra is coming on tour but she wll be in a diffeent bus yay". Everyone cheered but Amelia didn't secrouisly what is wrong with her.. she is such a BITCH sorry ...


~~Electra's POV~~


I woke up by my phone calling and I looked at the ID is was Louis ... So I picked it up and we talked after what my dad said that we could come on tour I was so happy ... I said to everyone "come on pack your bags we going on tour in a hour my dad just called me YAY". I went to have  quick shower and  I got dressed into this : 


I started packing my bags .... also I got a little suitcase for Dainel it has been 1 month now and he is 3 years old and he can talk abit also hecane walk now....packed all his clothes and toy's for bed time and I am sure they will have shampoos on the extra bus that is coming to pick us up ... I looked at the time on my phone it read 11:45 pm and I said " Guy's hurry up we only got 15 mins". When I went downstairs with two suitcases .... Zac then came behind me and gave me Daniel and I saw all my best friends boyfriends come down then after the girls wow they had a lot I only got two suitcases of mine and one for Daniel and they got 3 each OMG .... I saw outside the bus was here ... Zac carried my bags and we had our own room we didn't share and we started driving to America where the boy's where.


Room's on the tour bus : 


Luke's Bedroom : 

Alexa's Bedroom : 

Abbie's Bedroom : 

Jamie's Bedroom : 

Lola's Bedroom : 

Matt's Bedroom : 

Mason's Bedroom : 

Amber's Bedroom : 

Electra's Bedroom : 

Zac's Bedroom : 

Kitchen : 

Bathroom : 

Living room : 



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Pictures of bedrooms and living also Kitchen --------> Everything is on the tour bus 



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