Adopted.....BY WHO....

Hello my name is Electra Black , my middle name is black because my mum have it to me , I am an orphan ....I'm 17 I'm friendly caring other things and love helping .... Will I get adopted never know ? to find out x


16. Electra is what...........BAD!

~~Electra's POV~~


I think it was time if  I have a chnage becuase I don't like being a daddy's little girl or mummys I am 24 and I m allowed to chnage my style if I want to ... I woke up and went to my bedroom bathroom and did my business ... shaved where it meant to be shaved  and I wore this : 

I done my make-up black and red becuase thats the colour of my outfit and I want to make a good impression .... I got hold of Daniel I still love everyone but I'm just change my outfit and I'm going to swear more ... and I went to the other bus where One Direction are... walked in and saw the Bitch Amelia and I passed Daniel to mum and I sat down and put my feet onto the table and then dad came in and removed them " What the f...?". Then Harry covered my mouth and said "Not here we got kids Amelia and Daniel". I rolled my eyes and I said " Going clubbing if you guys want to come then come going with my friends ok get ready in like now".  I walked back to the other bus and got showered and dressed into this : 

I walked back to my dads tour bus and I didn't hav a bag thank god  and I saw Ameila looking all fancy and she is only 14 and I went over to her and I was taller and I whispered in her ear " I remember you ...Ok try ruin my life ... I do the same". I hugged her and she looked scared and I was happy .... The boy's came out and my friends did as well Zac looking hot as ever and we started walking to the club ... I got a vodka and coke and I had about 5 or more I can't remember and I was pissed and saw Zac making out with a girl .....I rubbed my eyes and it was my bully ..I fainted and I feel beig lifted up and into a car ....


~~3 Hour's later~~


I walk up in a hospital gown and I was full of needles and I screamed and tried to the needles out but then someones hands stopped it was Zac and I removed the hand and I shouted "YOU CHEATER , WHY KISS MY BULLY". Zac was shocked and shook his head or maybe it was a dream.


~~Zac's POV~~


I was going to find Electra but then I saw my ex Lucy and she came over and kissed me and I tried to push away and when the music stopped ... I heard everyone gasp and I saw Electra fainted and then Louis picked her up and gave me the death glare...I think he saw that she kissed me ...Oh no how is harry going to react ... I rushed outside and they were gone even the tour bus of One Direction I got onto the other tour bus and all her friends and my friends came on and we told the driver where to drive I hope she is ok ... 



~~Skip Tour bus ride~~


We have arrived and I ran I saw her inside the room and I went in and hold her hand she woke up and screamed at me and I said " Let me explain .... it was my ex Lucy and she kissed me and I tired pulling away and she was too strong and Matt had to get off her of me ... I'm sorry baby". I then kissed her passionate. 


Hope you liked this chapter .... I will update tomorrow ....  Like , Comment and Favourite 



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