Adopted.....BY WHO....

Hello my name is Electra Black , my middle name is black because my mum have it to me , I am an orphan ....I'm 17 I'm friendly caring other things and love helping .... Will I get adopted never know ? to find out x


6. At The Park! Pt 2

~~Harry's POV~~


There was something up with Electra so I told the boy's and girls all of Little Mix are here as well before they go on tour and well us as well and I told Perrie and Jade " Perrie , Jade could you please check on Electra please and see if she is ok please". They went upstairs and I followed them and I went to the living room and Perrie said " Everything is smashed in her room and she cried herself to sleep because she has mascara smeared all over her face". Ok now I know what was wrong ,  I went updatirs and cleaned everything for her so in the morning she does't step on piece of glass .. and I am going to en  roll her to a collage next us its only 10 mins walk so she wouldn't need a car. 


I went to bed and Liam walked in and said " The girls said they will take Electra tomorrow morning at 8 am to go shopping ok mate". I nodded and everyone went to bed.


~~Next Morning~~


I woke up at 6 am because I couldn't sleep .... I wonder when is Zayn's little sister visiting because I think she will get along with Electra I hope.. I got dressed into my black skinny jeans and a rolling stone t'shirt and styled my hair and went downstairs ... Later I need to tell the boy's that Simon called and moved our tour to tomorrow .... and we couldn't bring Electra oh well she is 17 she can look after herself I hope ...


~~Electra's POV~~


I woke up and stretched .. I walked over to the mirror and I looked a mess make-up all smeared ,I went to the shower and did my business... I went to my walk in closet and choose this : 

I curled my hair today ... I walked downstairs and I saw harry cooking breakfast and it smelled delicious ... He gave me a plate and I thanked him and ate up and cleaned my plate ... I shouted " I be back before the girls come I need to do something". I walked to the park and saw nobody only my best friend's I ran to them and hugged them all and said " Would you like to come shopping with me and all of little mix and sorry for yesterday its that I want a boyfriend and stuff". They all hugged me and said in union " It's ok and you will find one". I smiled and giggled and I saw Zac and Luke , Jamie , Matt, Mason OMG not again . I put my bag down and climbed the swing so I was in the air.


Lola saw where I was sitting and she said " Electra get down before you get hurt". "I did gymnastics I won't get hurt". "Yea did not you don't get down before I call Harry". She said and I fell down and mumbled under my voice "Bitch". then she heard she was chasing after me and Abbie and Amber was on the floor laughing the heads of and Alexa was on her phone and she looked up and laughed as well... I did a back flip but she couldn't get me.


But Finally she got me and we were playfully tackling each other .... Finally Alexa and Amber got us of each other ... I got my bag and put it over my shoulder ... I saw from the distance who I didn't want to see the slut yes in high school I had this bully who slept with every guy in my school. I went over to Lucy and tapped her shoulder and I said"Well well we got a slut here". She turned around and gave me a disgusted face , She was about to punch me but I was taller a bit because I was 5foot 9inch and she was 5 foot 7inch , so I twisted her hand kneed her in her stomach but one of her mates punched me in the eye ... and all my friends ran to me and growled and Lucy and her friends backed up and left.


They where shocked but Zac had a smirk on his face he hugged me and I hugged him back and I said " Hey Thanx for pulling me away from them". "No problem babe ... that's what best friends do in it". He said OMG his voice is like an angel from heaven. He got my hand and we holded hands ... I heard my phone ringing and I picked it up and it was Jade ,,, I put 1 fin up to say one min... (Phone Conversation)


J = Hey Ele where are you? were at your house ... we got mall come home we are waiting .


E= Ok sorry lost track of time I be there as soon as possible bye


J= Bye x (End of Phone Conversation)


I walked up to them and said " Guys sneak out and we could go clubbing at midnight ok meet me outside my bedroom window and you will know what number and house ok it is very big , catch you later guys see yea". I waved and nearly forgotten I gave a kiss on the cheek to Zac and gave him my number.


I started walking home and I entered and saw Harry and all the girls and Louis shouted " CARROT SISTER HAS A BLACK EYE". I shook my head in disappointed and harry titled my head up and side ways  and didn't say anything and I pulled the girls arms and we went to the mall.


~~Skip Car Ride / Arrived at the mall~~


We bought lots of things I got this cute dress for tomorrow because the boys have a premier ...I have to go with them tomorrow. Also I got a dress for clubbing to sneak out .. we arrived home and I made myself a big sandwich and made one for Niall and he ate it with me ... we finished at the same time and for me he calls me " Food Buddy".


Here are the Nickname's the boy's call me  : 


Niall : Food Buddy


Louis : Carrot Queen


Harry (a.k.a Dad) : Baby Girl 


Zayn : Punk Princess 


Liam  : Pumpkin 


They are so cute names They are so sweet thank god harry adopted me .... so now my full name is Electra Black Styles , that rhythms perfectly. 


Hope you liked this chapter... Like, Comment and Favourite 



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