Adopted.....BY WHO....

Hello my name is Electra Black , my middle name is black because my mum have it to me , I am an orphan ....I'm 17 I'm friendly caring other things and love helping .... Will I get adopted never know ? to find out x


5. At The Park! Pt 1

~~Electra's POV~~


We started walking to the park and there was not a lot of people but for us it was a lot of people and some boy's our age as well... we saw who the boy's were and it was Zac..Luke...Jamie...Matt an another friend called Mason.. I do have a crush on Zac but I don't think he likes me back .. Alexa ran to Luke then Abbie walked to Jamie, Lola went to Matt and lastly Amber went to Mason all the boy's put their arm around my best friend's waist and I was shocked  and I said " Care to explain ..Lex..Ab's..Lola and Amber?".They all looked at each other and started smirking so did the boy's...Zac came and stud next to me . The girls went and did a symbol with the hands into love heart so did the boy's. OMG no he is fit but I just can't love again.


This is how the boy' look like : 


Zac : 

Luke : 

Jamie : 

Matt : 

Mason : 

I said " Sorry guys we can do this hang out tomorrow ... my dad just text me saying I have to come home or I am in fucking trouble". I started walking , I lied because I didn't want to feel uncomfortable because I could see Zac wanted to do that but I didn't let him.... I arrived home and looked at my phone to check the time ... I was early before 10 and it was 9 am I walked in and saw everyone and ignored them and walked up to my room got into my pyjama's : 

I went to bed without taking of my make-up , cried myself to sleep... I heard knocking at the door but I didn't answer... Why did my best friend's didn't tell me?..


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