Adopted.....BY WHO....

Hello my name is Electra Black , my middle name is black because my mum have it to me , I am an orphan ....I'm 17 I'm friendly caring other things and love helping .... Will I get adopted never know ? to find out x



~Continuing with the last chapter~ 


I wore this today : 

I done my make-up already , I finished the breakfast for the other children ... They all came down and hugged me and went to the their places to eat ... I juts made myself some toast and coffee for the manger I made a full English Breakfast she saw that all the children were awake before her and she smiling .... the manger is called Mrs.Jones and she is very caring person she make's sure that you get adopted if not she will make sure that they will get adopted and she came and took the plate and coffee into the office probably to do my folder for the adoption people that would like to adopt me but I don't think I will ever get adopted because I am EMO but I don't self harm.


Mrs.Jones came up to me and said " Could you get this children ready because , One Direction are coming and some more people please love that would be great and you can have your Iphone 5s back ok". "Ok Mrs.Jones right away". I said smiling finally I get my phone back .... I got the kids upstairs so they could get ready I went downstairs and they where already here One Direction I know who they are I am a fan not obsessed fan. I collected all the plates and put them in the sink , got a cloth and rolled my sleeves and started cleaning and saw Mrs.Jones with my phone and I thanked her and put it in my pocket .... When I have finished the tables I got to do the dishes.....Finally finished and dried my hands.


I saw all the children but I didn't see Lucy my best friend that she is 10 years old ... I said " Mrs.Jones ... we have one missing ,,, Lucy Love is not here ... Don't worry I got and check on her". she nodded her head and jumped over the table and fell so I could make the children laugh and I laughed myself off .. Rushed upstairs and saw Lucy messing with her hair probably stuck she looked up and saw me and she said" Ele could you do my hair please". I nodded and did her two pony tails and she loved it she got hold of my hand and went downstairs half of the children where gone already. 


I let go of her hand and I went to sit in my dark corner were I don't get adopted and put headphones in my ears looked around I saw Lucy with a suitcase she was getting adopted... I hid right into the wall so nobody could see but One Direction saw and came over.... I think Louis asked me my name "What's your name love? and tell us about yourself". I said " My name is Electra Black , I'm 17 , Hobbies are basketball football and many more , Personality out-going funny and caring also shy that's everything about me really". They looked at each other ... I got up and went upstairs into my bedroom and started packing ... I knew probably going to start. 


I saw Harry and Niall at the door and Harry said " Come on little love I have adopted you so your last name is Styles now come on and Niall please take her bags". He nodded and took everything I looked at my bedroom one more time and it so empty ... we went downstairs and Liam and Zayn kept looking at me and hid behind dad a bit and he saw I was un-comfortable we got into the van I shouted "SHOTGUN". I ran to the passenger seat and took a tongue out at them. 


We started driving home when all the boy's got into the Van it was very big. 


~~Skip Van Ride~~


We have arrived home and I saw the house and it was huge...


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