Adopted.....BY WHO....

Hello my name is Electra Black , my middle name is black because my mum have it to me , I am an orphan ....I'm 17 I'm friendly caring other things and love helping .... Will I get adopted never know ? to find out x


11. 2 years later .... Who's THAT......

~~Electra's POV~~


I am 24 now OMG I just remember the memory when I was 17 ... Zac has been gone for 2 years and me and my friends and the boyfriends are keeping strong ... speaking off them I am meeting them to go to Star Bucks and then going to the park were Abbie tackled me I think I don't remember ... I woke up and stretched opened the balcony door so some fresh air comes in ... So many things happened Mum had a baby boy ... we called it Daniel Alexander Styles ... So I been busy looking after Him when mum and dad been going out and yes I started calling Harry dad .. Liam found a girlfriend called Danielle Pazyer the dancer ... Louis did as well .. but Niall is still single are poor him but he got someone on his mind I think it is Leila  so is another friend of mine that lives were Zac is ... Anyway I went to have a shower and did my business. 


~~Skip Shower /business time~~


I walked into my room I saw my friends there with the boyfriends and smiled thanx god I got dressed in the bathroom I wore this : 

I wore this and did my make-up black and I got used to wearing heels now and got my purse and we went out and now I have a care so we started driving to Star Bucks ... I paid for them I really didn't mind and I parked out outside next to the park and we started laughing ...  We were acting like kids but my friends stop talking and Lola looked mad and so did the boy's I put my drink in the bin and Lola said " Zac is back lets kill him". "WAIT STOP ACT NORMAL". I said and he has changed OMG he is so hot ... He looks like this : 

I can't believe it was ZAC .... he opened his arms and I ran and hugged him really tight and he went " Electra I am so sorry will you take me back please.... Do you want to go out on a date with me so we could talk about what happened?". I nodded and hold his hands and went my friends and I was shorter than him he has really grown my friends been nice and I said " Zac here is taking me out on a date and my dad's will be going on tour and I am not allowed so you can sleep at my house if you like". They all nodded and we and Zac went to Star Bucks and I told Zac everything "Well I started called Luzzie and Harry mum and dad . Mum has a baby boy called Daniel and I became a model really that's it what about you". "Well my parents knew something was up with me .... and I told them about you and we moved back and went to the old job". He said smiling and I blushed and we finished our drinks and we went to the front door of my house and I see Abbie bought my car is here thank you her.


He was about to kiss but the door opened and I saw an angry looking Harry ( a.k.a Dad) and he mumbled "Inside now". and I went in and he slammed the door and shouted " STAY AWAY FROM HIM ELECTRA . HE IS NOTHING BUT TROUBLE". "OMG I'M NOT A BABY ANY MORE". I said and then mum came down and said " What is happening?". "Oh I don't know ...ask fucking dad". I said went into my bedroom and locked myself and wore my batman pyjamas and  heard a stone hitting my window and opened it and saw Zac and I said "What you doing here?". "Can I not check on my girlfriend ... wait there?". he said and I was confused and he climbed the ladder up and he got hold of my wait and we started kissing passionate ....I thought to myself how I love his kisses ....Then we heard a knock on the door and my mum said "Electra are you ok?". "Come in and yes I am fine ....why?". I said she looked confused "Well me and your dad going out could you please look after Daniel and he is waited in the bedroom and hi Zac". She said and Zac popped round and said shyly " Hi Mrs.Styles". He said and then nodded and we started kissing passionate and I couldn't "Come on we have to go and look after Daniel". 


He moaned and went to Daniels room and he smiled and started giggling and I said " Come here monkey". We went downstairs and Zac sat on the couch and passed Zac to him and I went away ...made him some milk when I came back saw Zac fast asleep so was Daniel awe so cute ... I took a picture and posted on twitter saying My Boy's <3 .... I went over and cuddled with Zac and fell asleep. 


~~Luzzie's POV ( Electra's Mum)~~


We went out and we came home early because they got tour tomorrow also I am coming with them so that means Electra needs to look after Daniel for 5 months ...when we came back home and locked the doors we saw Daniel sleeping on Zac and Electra cuddled up to them awe cute and I said to Harry "Do you think they will be good parents babe in the future ...they were good with Daniel and Zayn sister better not be nasty to Electra or still her boyfriend ...warn Zayn if she does I swear....". Harry cut me off by kissing me and said " Yes I will wanr him and let not rush her into kids between Zac and Electra and if he breaks her heart one more time swear to god". I nodded and we carried them to bed I carried Electra and Zac up to Electra's bedroom and took of Zac's  t'shirt and jeans and covered them closed the door saw Harry was covering Daniel up and left ....same with us went to bed..



Hope you liked this chapter.... Sorry it is short I promise next one will be longer... 


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