She has never gone to bed with nothing on her mind. Her head is never vacant. Voices have made Naomi Harris' mind their home. Struggling with normal teenage problems and a mental illness is a whole lot of weight for a girl to carry on her shoulders.
(One chapter for a contest.)


2. Paranoid

She's not really your friend. Why would anybody want to be your friend. She's only here because she feels bad for you. You don't have real friends. You are a loser.

   Naomi walked through isles of the department store with her friend Megan. The voices were at it again. Naomi had zoned out. 

     "Naomi? Were you even listening to me?" Megan asked with a condescending like sound. 

      Naomi returned back to reality as she looked to her friend. "Yeah, yeah, of course I was." She lied.

     Megan nodded and turned back to the rack of clothing she was looking through. "So, what do you think I should do then?" 

     Naomi had no idea how to reply. She shrugged. "What do you feel is the right thing to do?" 

     "Well, I feel like Liam is probably going to treat me way better than Kareem ever would. Oh, but, Kareem knows how to treat me so good when we're kissing. Do you know what I mean, Ni?" She continued looking through the clothes on the rack. 

     Naomi had no idea what it was like to have two boys into her. Megan always had it good with the boys. Naomi constantly found herself comparing herself to her friend. Body wise, Megan was a perfect ten. She had slim legs and a flat stomach, but a shapely chest. Her facial features were the perfect size for her face, and she wore the perfect color make-up to bring out her blue eye color. 

You're bloating tummy and touching thighs are most certainly disgusting. Why can't you just be like Megan. You'd be so much happier if you could look just like Megan.

    "Yeah, uh, yeah." Naomi lied again. 

     Megan simply shrugged as he pulled out a small, pink bikini. "Come with me to the dressing room, I'm going to try this on." 

     Naomi reluctantly followed. She waited outside of the stall for Megan to come out. 

     "How does it look?" Megan pulled back the curtain as she modeled the bathing suit. Naomi sighed silently. It seemed to her as if Megan was purposely showing off her perfect body to make Naomi feel worse about herself. 

     "It looks good." She somewhat muttered.

     Megan grinned. "You know what, you should come with us tomorrow morning."

    "Come where?" Naomi groaned.

    "To the beach. The gang and I are driving down and having a bit of fun. You should come along." She was still smiling in her itty-bitty bikini. 

     There was no way in hell that Naomi would been seen in such a revealing thing around any group of eyes. "No thanks Meg, I'd much rather just stay home tomorrow."

     "Nonsense Naomi, you're coming. You need to get out of the house more often and make some more friends. The gang is real nice. They'd really like you. I swear it. Please Naomi, come." Megan was pleading with her knowing smile.

     Naomi groaned. "Fine, I'll go."

     Megan cheered and clapped her hands together. "Lets get you a new bathing suit then." 


You look ridiculous. Who are you trying to kid. Bikinis weren't made for girls like you.

    Naomi stared at her reflection in the mirror, judging herself. The voices were tearing her apart piece by piece, and she couldn't take her eyes off of the mirror. 

     "Come out! I wanna see Ni!" Megan opened the curtain. "Oh my gosh you look adorable in that!" 


     Naomi shook her head. "I don't like it." She spoke softly. 

     "Don't be silly Ni! You look so good in that!" Megan was obviously lying, at least that's how Naomi felt. 

     "I'm not wasting my money on this stupid bikini." Naomi shut the curtain and changed back into her clothing. 

     "I'll buy it for you then! It's too good on you to not get. Trust me." Megan pleaded. 

    Naomi knew that Megan would not give up. Naomi sighed and walked out with the bathing suit. "Fine."

You're going to regret this, Fatty. You look hideous in that. They're all going to laugh at you tomorrow. You're setting yourself up to fail. You're too ugly to function.


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