Angela has been off working for the Air Force for seven years. She's finally on leave, so she goes home to her father, William, and mother, Sarah. But, why are there all these trucks in the yard?


1. Chapter One

The bus pulls up to the two story  house in the middle of nowhere, and I run down the steps. My dog, Bellator Fortis, runs up behind me. "Come on, Bella, let's go see Daddy!" She barks and I shush her, laughing. I walk through the trees and see a huge GMC TopKick in the driveway. "Well, I guess Daddy stopped buying those wimpy cars. He finally traded in for an actual truck, Bell!" I could swear the truck tensed. I shake my head, knowing this wasn't possible. I run up the front steps and open the front door, running through the house until I get to the steps for the attic. There is still my Keep Out sign on the door. I walk up the steps slowly, carefully, until I open the door, walking into my dark peach room, covered in posters of Linkin Park and Green Day, as well as my portrait of Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel.

I haven't even gotten my laptop out to tell Britsky I'd made it home before I hear the front door slam. "Sarah? Annabelle?" I decided to stay quiet and surprise him. I hear him and another set of footsteps walk slowly through the house until he gets to the bottom of the attic steps. "I thought I told you guys to stay out of that room?" He walks up and starts to reach for the handle when he sees me. "Angela?"

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