In the Shadows

No one likes new houses... unless they're better than their old one. My new house is not nicer than my old one. To be honest it scares me. The noises, the lights, the goose bumps you get when you're in a room by yourself. I would say my house is creepy, but its much worse than that. Its terrifying. So many nights I have laid awake in bed, afraid to fall asleep. Its not that I believe in ghosts and the supernatural, but something's not right. Lights don't turn of my there selves, wooden floors don't make footsteps, and the wind doesn't whisper things to you.


1. One

           I lay in bed, staring up at the white ceiling. The wind is howling and the rain is pelting the roof like millions of tiny bb's. There's no way I can fall asleep right now. Not in this kind of storm in this house. That's not the only things that's been keeping me awake though. I cant stop thinking about last night. Maybe I imagined it. Maybe in the deep, dark part of my brain I conjured up the idea that my bedroom light turned off my itself. I haven't liked this house since the moment I stepped in it exactly one month ago.

       It has a creepy feeling to it. The type of feeling that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stick up and make your arms form goose bumps. Maybe I really did turn off my light before I went down stairs last night. Maybe I did and maybe my mind is making me think I didn't to give me a good excuse not to like this place.

      I try to tell myself this, but I'm a terrible liar. I cant even lie to myself even if it could give me a good nights sleep. My parents told me I imagined it and I could believe them if it wasn't for the fact that my lights is a ceiling light and I have to stand on my 3 foot high bed to reach the switch because the wall switch doesn't work. I did not stand up on my bed and turn off the light. I know that for a fact because the last things I did was plug my phone in and I wouldn't have done that in the dark.

       SHUT UP! I am just going to scare myself even more if I keep thinking about how I didn't turn off my light. Because that means something did and that something makes me not want to go to sleep ever again.

       I sigh and sit up. I throw my blankets off of me and stand up. I turn on the light before crossing my small room to reach my dresser. I unplug my phone and carry it back across the room to my bed. I lay back down and cover myself up with the blankets. I don't turn the light back off.

       I turn on my phone and get on Instagram. I check my news feed and see that I have 10 likes, 2 comments, and 3 new people started following me. The 2 comments are "You are so pretty" and "I love your hair" I roll my eyes. People always comment things like that. I scroll through what everyone has posted and like the pictures that I think are cool, funny, ect, which is mostly all of them. I am distracted from my previous thoughts just for a moment until I hear a creak of the floor boards just outside of my closed my door. I look up from my phone slowly. It could be one of my parents coming to tell me that its time for bed. It could be, but I'm too afraid to ask.

       I sit there frozen in place as I wait for my mom's familiar voice, but no noise comes from out there. Its dead silent. The only things I can hear is my heart thumping wildly in my chest. I stare at my door knob, waiting for it turn, waiting for the slightest movement. Then I'll scream. Nothing happens, but I know something is still out there. I can feel the presence and I know its not my mom or my dad. I sit there picturing what is on the other side of my door, standing there, waiting for the right moment to spring.

      After a moment I take a big risk. I don't have to think twice about it though. If that thing is going to come in here I definitely don't want to see it. I throw the blankets over my head and squeeze my eyes shut, tightly. Normally I could not go to sleep with my adrenaline pumping through me like this, but the though of whats out there scares the crap out of me. Maybe if I go to sleep it will leave. And that's what I do

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