Alizah (1D & 5SOS AU)

Alizah is a sweet and innocent girl who is moving in with her brother, Zayn. From Bradford to South London, is it a change or the same? Love. Death. Heartbreak.


5. 5.

"Why? WHY?" I screamed, I pulled at my hair and sat down on a wooden chair that was beside me. "Guys, we need to leave them alone" Liam suggested, "I want Zayn and Louis to stay, the rest of you can go find out everything about him and find the location of Annalise Smith, Nikki Wills, Keeley Johnson and Jaime Wright" I explained, "Don't do that to them" Daniel said sternly, "She can and she will now shut the fuck up" Louis defended me, slapping Daniel round the head before sitting him in a chair. "W-when you were at the party with the girls, who told you to do that to me?" I asked bravely, the others had left and gone upstairs. It was now just me, Zayn, Louis and Daniel. "Nikki, she said that she hated you and wanted revenge from when you took some dude named Josh from her" Daniel explained. "Are you fucking serious? I didn't even know some kid named Josh, Zayn did but not me!" I exclaimed, Daniel flinched a little. "Josh who?" Zayn asked, eyebrows furrowed. "Divine" Zayn's eyes widened. "I knew him through my Dad, I didn't know him properly or whatever but I met him twice because of meetings about drug deals and ammunition meets" Zayn told us. "I don't know where his is now but he told me to beat up a girl with blue ish hair and lives in this area" Daniel informed us all. "Thanks Daniel" Louis smiled lightly. "I still don't forgive you and remember that. Do something wrong and I will contact the police" I threatened, he nodded before leaving. Thank God. I left the kitchen and sat in the living room, watching 'Friends' on TV. "You guys can come down now!" Louis yelled up to everyone just before they all retreated down the stairs. "You okay?" Harry whispered, he knew what was going on obviously and who Daniel was. I just nodded. "Your stitches will be coming out in about a week or so? Okay?" Niall said with a little bit of sadness. "It's okay Niall, I'm fine" I told him, he smiled. 



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