Alizah (1D & 5SOS AU)

Alizah is a sweet and innocent girl who is moving in with her brother, Zayn. From Bradford to South London, is it a change or the same? Love. Death. Heartbreak.


4. 4.

Waking up was a horrifying experience. My head furiously scolding me for drinking last night, I slowly got up and slid into some jean shorts and a band tshirt. I let my hair fall down my back messily before I ran downstairs. I slumped my body onto the sofa, falling onto someone. "Aww is someone tired?" Niall asked, "Shut up" I yawned. "Ali can you go down the road for me?" Zayn said politely, nudging my arm. "If someone wakes me up properly I will" I answered, looking up at my brother. He pulled his puppy dog face, "Fine" I groaned. "Go down the path on the right side of the road around the corner and find the house number 140. Just say that I sent you down with it then come straight back home" Zayn instructed, I nodded. "Yeah yeah" I then left and did as said. I walked down the road and to the person's house, giving them the £10 note Zayn told me to give them. On the way back, I heard two people behind me, I was then pushed onto the floor, my face began to hurt. I felt myself being kicked over and over. I lifted my left foot slightly but it got crushed and kicked. I heard a small snap and it became like fire, burning and spreading throughout my foot. My head was gripped forcefully, pulling my head up. My face was punched numerous times. Jaw, right cheek, bottom lip, left eye. By the gushing of blood coming down my face and the airy feeling I had, my right eyebrow had split. "Shit it's Zayn Malik's sister! We got the wrong girl!" A boy yelled, "Fuck! We're gonna get killed! Come on!" I heard running and they were gone. I coughed and slowly got up, crying out in pain when I put weight on my left foot, I limped all the way back home feeling dizzy when I got there. "What the fu- ZAYN!" Liam screamed, carrying me into the living room and onto the big sofa. "Fucking hell what happened to you? Who did this?" Zayn said calmly, sitting next to me. "I was jumped, ow fuck" I cursed. "Perrie, can you clean her up? Amy and Niall too. Liam, Louis and Harry you come with me" Zayn planned, I was taken into the kitchen and sat on the table. Zayn, Liam, Louis and Harry left. "Get the aiding kit, Niall" Amy ordered, Perrie dabbed an ice pack against my bruised cheek before Niall rushed over with the first aid kit. Together, all three of them, they stitched up my eyebrow and and a large gash I didn't realize was on my cheek and numbed my bruises. What did I do?

5 minutes later...

Zayn and Harry were the first to walk in with Liam and Louis following, all holding two boys. "Are these the boys that jumped you?" Zayn asked sternly, the boys had bruised faces. "Z, I didn't see them. All I heard was 'Shit it's Zayn Malik's sister! We got the wrong girl!' and 'Fuck! We're gonna get killed! Come on' I didn't see them at all" I got down on my feet, cursing at the pain in my foot. "Hold on princess, get back onto the table and I'll strap up your foot" Niall lifted me back onto the table. "I didn't realize it was you Alizah, but uh this wasn't my idea or plan, I'm sorry" The one guy apologized, I nodded. "It's okay, I'm fine. You can leave" I furrowed my eyebrows and nodded awkwardly. Louis and Zayn let go of him before he left. "It was my plan, I'm not sorry though. Haha. I beat up an infamous criminal's sister, this is something to tell the paps" The insane bastard smirked. "If you don't leave this house, ya gonna get a slap" I threatened, "Oooo" Everyone said in unison. "You look pretty beat up, you can't do anything" He stood there proudly, I got off the table and charged towards him, forgetting about the pain. "I can find out everything about you, and you know I can" I stated, "You don't know me" He shook his head. "You're Daniel aren't you?" I asked him, he looked me dead in the eye. "Yes, Alizah its me" 

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