Alizah (1D & 5SOS AU)

Alizah is a sweet and innocent girl who is moving in with her brother, Zayn. From Bradford to South London, is it a change or the same? Love. Death. Heartbreak.


3. 3.


I was sat around the table outside with everyone else, "Here, it'll help" Amy handed me a bottle. Jack Daniels. Fuck it. I took a gulp, feeling my throat burn. "I seriously need to let my past go man, It's making me grieve about everything" I confessed making Amy laugh. "Just drink, smoke. Have fun and live your life to the fullest" Louis suggested, "Yes!" I shouted then downed half of the bottle that I held in my hand. "I'm just gonna get fucked. Fuck up my life some more then go show my mother how I've handled my Dad's death. Fuck it man, let those people beat me cause I'll smash their heads to the curb" Tipsy much... Zayn tried to stifle a laugh as the others just erupted in laughter. I finished off the one bottle and threw it, hearing a smash. "Fuck you" I cursed, "Oi! Throw bottles over my fence again!" A woman yelled, "Fuck you, old bitch!" I shouted. "I will call the police!" Her voice was shaky, "YEAH WITH ALL THAT WEED IN YOUR LIVING ROOM!" Amy screamed. "Fuck you. I'm going to bed, goodnight everybody!" I went into the house and opened up the fridge. I grabbed a few bottles of whatever. I put them onto the counter, closing the fridge door. I opened a bottle and drank. "What you doin?" Harry leaned against the sink. "Fuck my life, not worth it" I mumbled, drinking more. 


My vision was a bit blurry, Louis invited people over for a house party. 'Can't Hold Us' blared through big speakers. I saw a hot guy so I went over to him. "Hey" I greeted, ruffling my hair a little. "Hi... Alizah" He replied, "I like your curly hair" I ruffled his curls a little, "Maybe we should go upstairs?" He suggested, "You're very beautiful by the way" He added, grabbing my hand. "You have nice charm. Lets go" I smiled, maybe. I don't know. He took me upstairs, we were a bit slow because I'm very drunk but so is he. Maybe. Probably. We went into a room with bunk beds, I was lay on the bottom bunk. I felt plump limps press against mine, I kissed back. His abnormally large hands traveled  up and down my body, rubbing my thighs and my torso. I let my small hands graze against his abs and 'V' lines, this boy definitely had a charm which I definitely love knowing about. I struggled to hold in a moan as the boy sucked on my neck, also grinding himself against me. Sexually frustrated much?

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