Alizah (1D & 5SOS AU)

Alizah is a sweet and innocent girl who is moving in with her brother, Zayn. From Bradford to South London, is it a change or the same? Love. Death. Heartbreak.


2. 2.




*    *    *    *


"You'll get used to the constant bickering and banter, it will make you not want to leave. Happened to me" Harry smiled, "I'm so thankful that you're nice. If you wasn't I'd be on my way back to Bradford. I hate it there" I muttered the last part but he heard. "Why?" He asked softly. "Well, I have a pretty bad history there. For example, the death of my beloved father" I told him confidently. He looked at me in a comforting way, "I was 6, my Mum was pregnant with my youngest sister and my Dad went out to sort some business out since he was a part of the Mafia. Me and Zayn were waiting up for him and Mum got a call to say he was in hospital and had been shot. Zayn had to watch me, even though he was 11 and wait for Mum to get back. The next morning Mum came crying and told us he had passed" I explained, "Um he was very special to me, treated me like a princess and everything. He wrote some notes on my Mum's phone, one for each of us. Me, Zayn, Mum, Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa although she wasn't born, Mine said, "I'm sorry this happened, I didn't mean for it to happen. I'll always love you, all of you and my job got in the way of me being a good father. Take care of everyone for me, be a princess and get a good job. I don't want you to get hurt like I did, take care of yourself princess. I love you, Daddy" I cried for nights on end, wanting him to be here. My Dad is a very touchy subject to me" I continued as tears welled up in my eyes. "I'm really sorry, I know what its like to have your parents divorce at a young age but I haven't experienced the passing of one of my parents" Harry rubbed my back, "It's okay. I feel like a prude but I really am not. School sucks over there and Mum isn't allowing me to move" I complained, "Sorry but why?" Harry looked worried, I sighed. I have a bad past due to my father's death and my family being connected to the Mafia up Bradford. "Because of my Dad's death, a lot of the people who are related to who used to work with him pitied me but a lot of people at school hated me for having a brother and 3 sisters and Mum, No Dad at all. A few months ago, I went to a party..." I gulped, Harry did too. "I went with my 4 ex-friends Annalise, Nikki, Keeley and Jamie. Nikki was really into this boy called Daniel, we were pissed off our heads and decided to play 'Truth or Dare' with them. I was dared to go upstairs for 10 minutes with Dan and he uh shoved me onto the bed as it was the guest room of someone's house. He then started touching me and hurt me.." My voice trailed off at the end. "He raped you didn't he?" Harry asked softly, I nodded and decided to pull up my tshirt. "I didn't last very long" My faded scars made the situation worse. "Have you stopped?" I nodded, pulling my tshirt back down. "My sister caught me so I gradually started to stop" I told him. "Well I hope being down here makes your life the slightest bit better" Harry smiled, I returned it and hugged him. "Me too"

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